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Conflict Looms was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor joined the Continental Army at Bunker Hill. As Israel Putnam argued with other commanders over where to camp, the British began bombarding the position with their ships. Connor volunteered to stop the bombardment.


George Washington was holding a speech, with Connor, Samuel Adams and Charles Lee listening.

  • George: For the support of the glorious cause I beg they will accept my most cordial thanks for this distinguished testimony of their approbation. But, lest some unlucky event should happen, unfavourable to my reputation, I beg it may be remembered, by every Gentleman in the room, that I, this day, declare with utmost sincerity, I do not think myself equal to the Command I am honored with. As to ...
  • Samuel: Truly, there is no man better suited to the task.
  • Charles: Really? I can think of several.
  • Connor: Charles Lee.
  • Charles: Do I know you?
  • Connor: I would not expect you to remember.
  • Samuel: Come Connor - there's someone I want you to meet. Sorry to pull you away like that, but the last thing we need is the two of you coming to blows. Connor, allow me to introduce you to our newly appointed Commander-in-Chief, George Washington.
  • George: Ah! So you're the one who saved Sam and John at Lexington.
  • Connor: It was the Patriots who did that, I merely lent support.
  • George: As humble as he is brave. We could use more men like you. I'm sorry, but if you'll excuse me - I should attend to Charles over there. He looks none too happy about being passed over for command. It was good to meet you, Connor.
  • Connor: Tell me you have news of Pitcairn.
ACIII-Conflictlooms 3

Washington introduced to Connor by Adams

  • Samuel: I'm told he's taken shelter in Boston, where he's guarded by a thousand Redcoats. The only way you're going to get at him, is if we draw him out. Lucky for you, we're launching an offensive against the city in order to do just that. Israel Putnam has been given command of our forces. Present this to him and he'll provide whatever aid you require. You'll find him at the encampment on Bunker Hill.
  • Connor: You have my thanks.
  • Samuel: No need. It's the least I could do. Pitcairn's a dangerous man. The sooner we're rid of him, the better.
  • Connor: I would say the same of Charles Lee.
  • Samuel: Now that's an altogether different beast. Let us leave it for another day. Best you head to Boston, Connor.

Connor traveled to Boston and met a Patriot soldier.

  • Patriot: Hold and state your business!
  • Connor: I'm looking for Israel Putnam.
  • Patriot: On who's orders?
  • Connor: Samuel Adams.
ACIII-Conflictlooms 5

Connor confronted by a Continental soldier at Breed's Hill

The Patriot inspected the letter Connor had been given by Adams.

  • Patriot: Follow me.
  • Connor: This is not Bunker Hill.
  • Patriot: Aye. It's Breed's. There's been some... disagreement as to where we should encamp.
  • Connor: Any news from Boston?
  • Patriot: The Tories aren't moving. And anytime we try to press them, we lose a dozen men. I think Putnam and the others plan to assemble artillery on these hills. A good shelling might make the Redcoats rethink their strategy.
  • Connor: And what of John Pitcairn?
  • Patriot: That bastard is the cagiest of the bunch. He's appeared, time to time, to taunt us or send regards by way of cannon fire. It's all right, though. He'll have what's coming to him soon enough.

They reached the encampment.

  • Patriot: Putnam's just up ahead. You can't miss him.
  • Putnam: I don't care much for your excuses, gentlemen. We should be building on Bunker Hill. Breed's is closer to the city, but it is also closer to their artillery!
  • Prescott: Our orders came from men so divorced from the situation, we are compelled by reason to employ our own faculties to make a proper determination.
  • Putnam: Were that I could understand even HALF that nonsense you just uttered.
  • Prescott: What's not to understand?! I'm trying to ensure our victory!
  • Putnam: What would you know about victory? I killed a she-wolf in her den, armed with only a knife. I escaped the Caughnawaga Indians who sought to burn me alive. And, I was the sole survivor of a shipwreck at the Battle of Havana. So you'll excuse me if I choose not to follow your advice.

A soldier got hit by a cannonball.

  • Putnam: I rest my case. I'm going back to Bunker Hill. Good-day, gentlemen.
  • Connor: General Putnam?
  • Putnam: What?
ACIII-Conflictlooms 9

Connor informing Putnam about his plan

  • Connor: I'm looking for John Pitcairn. I was told you'd be able to help me find him.
  • Putnam: He's tucked away inside the city with no reason to leave. So long as that ship continues its assault, we'll never flush him out.
  • Connor: But if the ship was silenced...
  • Putnam: Then poor John might be forced to get off his arse and come forward!
  • Connor: I shall fly this flag to signal my success.
  • Putnam: And I shall speak fondly of you at your funeral.

Connor then made his way towards the ships, taking them out by lighting the gunpowder. He then raised a different flag to signal back to Putnam and his troops.


Connor destroyed the ships and drew John Pitcairn out of hiding.


  • The flag Connor uses is anachronistic. The first Stars and Stripes flag was flown in 1777.
  • The cannons present in the Patriot encampment on Breed's Hill were anachronistic as well. The American rebels around Boston did not have any artillery until Henry Knox delivered them from Fort Ticonderoga, many months after the battle.



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