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Confession was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Tasked with assassinating Charles Gabriel Sivert, Arno met with Pierre Bellec on a rooftop near the Notre-Dame.


  • Arno: What's our plan?
  • Bellec: Our plan? You're not an apprentice anymore, boy. So study your surroundings and devise your own plan. I'm not here to hold your hand.

Using his Eagle Vision, Arno surveyed the area.

  • Bellec: No target's unreachable.

Sivert made his way through the crowd and towards the Notre-Dame.

  • Sivert: Out of the way! Move! Where the hell is Duchesneau...?
  • Bellec: If you can't find a weakness to exploit - make one.

Duchesneau spoke with a guard.

  • Duchesneau: You've secured the cathedral?
  • Guard: Oui, monsieur.
  • Duchesneau: Good. Tell Sivert I'll meet him inside.
  • Bellec: Opportunity is everywhere. It's on you to take it.

A group of thugs waved a set of keys, taunting the cleric that they belonged to.

  • Cleric: You! Get back here with my keys! Thieves!

Arno turned back to Bellec.

ACU Confession 2

Bellec sending Arno after Sivert

  • Bellec: And if all other plans fail, why not sacrifice yourself for the cause? Your life for his. Before Altaïr, that was the Levantine approach.
  • Arno: You mean a dagger in broad daylight, as I'm cut down where I stand?
  • Bellec: It sends a powerful message...
  • Arno: I'll do it my way.
  • Bellec: Whatever you think best, Assassin.

Bellec left and Arno began his mission. He tailed two of the thugs holding the keys to the Notre-Dame.

  • Thug 1: Did you see the expression on that fat old cleric's face?
  • Thug 2: Priceless! Turned the color of an aubergine! I thought he'd faint with outrage!

The thugs laughed.

  • Thug 2: Well, seeing as how I stole his keys, why not raid the Archbishop's wine cellar?
  • Thug 1: You never!
  • Thug 2: To reason, and freedom from superstition!
  • Thug 1: Here, here!
    There's one for the Church!
  • Thug 2: They may have signed the Civil Constitution, but everyone knows the bishops are in bed with the royalists!
  • Thug 1: I'll drink to that!

If Arno was spotted the thugs would react aggressively.

  • Thug 1: What have we here? An altar boy, or just a common cutpurse? Get him!

Arno stole the keys, allowing him to unlock the windows to the Notre-Dame. He then tailed Duchesneau.

  • Duchesneau: You've secured the cathedral?
  • Guard: (Yes, Mister Duchesneau). This is the only way in or out, and we've paid off the guards.
  • Duchesneau: Good. With Arpinon dead, I don't want to take any chances. When (Mister) Sivert arrives, tell him I've gone to arrange matters with the priest. I'll join him inside.
    Where the hell is that priest?
    What the hell is keeping this priest?
    Bastard priest could bother showing up on time...

Duchesneau met with the priest.

  • Priest: That bastard wants thirty percent? God only gets ten! Who the hell does Sivert think he is?
  • Duchesneau: What choice do you have? How long will it be before the revolutionaries descend on Mother Church like locusts?
  • Priest: Very well.
  • Duchesneau: I'll make arrangements with (Mister) Sivert. And see that the confessionals are closed. My employer prefers to discuss business away from prying eyes.
  • Priest: (Yes sir.)

The priest left.

  • Arno: I think, (sir), you are going to miss that meeting.

Arno killed Duchesneau, allowing him to take his place at the meeting with Sivert. Making his way to a balcony in the Notre-Dame, Arno unlocked a door to the stairs, allowing the cleric to get down again.

  • Cleric: (Thank you. May God bless you.)

Inside the Notre-Dame, Sivert pushed through the crowd.

  • Sivert: Move!
    Out of my way!
    One side!

Sivert waited for Duchesneau.

  • Sivert: Where the hell is Duchesneau?
    What the hell is keeping him?
    Does he expect me to wait forever?
    This is getting absurd!

Arno entered the confessional, impersonating Duchesneau in order to gain information from Sivert.

  • Arno: Everything's in place.
  • Sivert: Finally saw reason, did he? What's our cut?
  • Arno: Thirty percent.
  • Sivert: Good, good. This is our moment, my friend. Petty nobles are ripe enough fruits, but the Church has been leeching off the people for centuries. If we crack their vaults, the Grand Master cannot fail to recognize our work.
  • Arno: As you say, (sir).
  • Sivert: Good. Now, if we're done here, I'll take my leave and wait for our holy friend to deliver the goods.
ACU Confession 3

Arno ending Sivert's life

Having gained the necessary information, Arno thrust his arm through the lattice and stabbed Sivert in the throat with his Hidden Blade, killing the Templar. Arno then viewed Sivert's memories. In them, François and Sivert went to a meeting.

  • François: Wait here. See that we're not disturbed.

Excluded from the meeting, Sivert stood in front of the door. The memories then shifted to Sivert meeting with the Roi des Thunes.

  • La Touche: Sivert.
  • Sivert: (Mister) La Touche. I'm here to see the King of Beggars.
  • La Touche: Come with me.
  • Roi des Thunes: "The intrigues of rats?" Pompous fool! If I could lay my hands on him....

The memories shifted to the evening of François' death.

  • François: Well? What's so important you had to pull me away from my daughter's-

Sivert punched François in the stomach. In the ensuing fight, the Grand Master cut his sword through Sivert's eye. Le Roi des Thunes then stabbed François in the neck with a poisoned pin, ending his life just as Arno arrived at the scene.

  • Arno: You all right, (Mister)? Too much of the King's champagne?
  • Roi des Thunes: Sivert, come away!

The vision ended, and Arno escaped the Notre-Dame.


Arno assassinated Sivert, and learned the identity of his accomplice, the Roi des Thunes.


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