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Commodore Eighty-Sixed was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


After learning that Commodore Peter Chamberlaine planned to destroy all the pirate ships in Nassau's harbor, Edward decided to eliminate him.


Edward met up with Charles Vane, who was trying to steal the pine pitch.

  • Edward: C'mon boys. You're lagging.
  • Vane: It's this bloody hemp!
  • Captain: Leftenant!
  • Edward: Hsst!
  • Lieutenant: Aye, sir!
  • Captain: The Commodore fears a revolt is nigh. His orders are to sink every goddamned pirate ship now anchored in that harbour. Tonight.
  • Lieutenant: Despite the Governor's wishes, sir?
  • Captain: This is a direct order, soldier! You will take position on the grounded galleon, and await the Commodore's further orders. Is that clear?
  • Lieutenant: Aye sir!
  • Vane: That conniving bastard! Someone ought to slit the Commodore's throat before he gets a chance to bark those orders.
  • Edward: You think so?
  • Vane: We're dead in the water otherwise.
  • Edward: All right. I'll kill him.
  • Accomplice: Your brains are baked! I won't take no part of killing the Commodore! Not one of the King's men!

Vane knocked the man out.

  • Vane: We can't risk our good fortune. Go on, I'll be waiting for you.

Edward tailed some soldiers to the Commodore.

Edward tailing the soldiers

  • Soldier 1: Sir! We have information for the Commodore. An urgent matter.
  • Guard: Carry on.
  • Soldier 2: Lots of sour blood between them two, Rogers and Chamberlaine. What's the issue?
  • Soldier 1: The Commodore don't think much of civilians, I reckon. And there's a rumour going round that Rogers is some kind of Jacobite. Or worse, that he's a Catholic.
  • Soldier 2: O, I could think of worse!
  • Soldier 1: Gather those two men there!
    You lads! Follow and lay aboard. The Commodore has a job for you.
  • Soldier 3: Aye, sir!
    I heard the Commodore ranting and raving about Woodes Rogers, calling him a heathen and whatnot. What's happened to set them two off?
  • Soldier 4: Hush, man! You don't want the governor's ire brought down on you. He's a mysterious sort.
  • Soldier 3: Well, I'm much more afraid of the Commodore, in truth. He's a serious chap. No sense of humour.
  • Soldier 1: Take positions and prepare to decamp on the Commodore's orders!
  • Soldier 3: Aye, sir!

Edward reached the Commodore's ship, HMS Milford.

  • Chamberlaine: Remember our object, lads. We're here to punch holes in every goddamned pirate ship anchored in the northern harbor! If you doubt the honour of our cause here... and if my disavowal of our coward Governor's wishes causes you anxiety, then you are free to debark my vessel and stay ashore! But I will not stand idle by as the rats scurrying about this island plot and scheme to do us direct harm! So tumble up there, men! Tumble up all! Prepare to loose the topsails! That's right! Lay aloft, quick as you please! Ready to loose the topsails on my signal. All ready forward? Wait for my signal, please!

Edward assassinated Chamberlaine.

Chamberlaine's final moments

  • Edward: The Governor's given us a pardon, Commodore. Don't a man's word mean anything in these times?
  • Chamberlaine: Has syphilis clouded your mind? Why scratch and claw to protect such squalor? You're parasites, feeding off the industry of honest men!
  • Edward: Much like King George in that respect.
  • Chamberlaine: Know your place, peasant! You may have taken my life, but you have not improved your own by any measure!
  • Edward: Does some purpose keep you talking?
  • Chamberlaine: If not for that heathen, Governor Rogers, I'd have seen you hanged from your own crosstrees, worm! All of you!


Edward killed Peter Chamberlaine to ensure the success of their escape plan.



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