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Command and Control was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra sought out the helots imprisoned in Aipeia to learn the identity of the commander working for the Order of Dominion, in order to kill him and disrupt their activities in the city.


With the help of Ikaros, Kassandra scouted out the Leader House for the helots she needed to rescue. She found all three of them.

  • Kassandra: I see him.
  • Kassandra: There he is!
  • Kassandra: Found him!

Kassandra infiltrated the Leader House and freed the prisoners. She escorted them safely to a building near the docks at the southern part of the city. She went around the room talking to them, but the first was unhelpful.

  • Helot 1 (unnamed): Thank the gods! I'm alive!
  • Kassandra: Can you tell me where the helot Rhode is?
  • Helot 1 (unnamed): Who's that? I'm free now, I don't care!

The second helot was just as unhelpful.

  • Helot 2 (unnamed): Thank you, thank you!
  • Kassandra: Do you know where I can find the helot called Rhode?
  • Helot 2 (unnamed): I know nothing!

The third helot, however, was more talkative.

  • Helot 3 (unnamed): You saved me. Thank you, misthios!
  • Kassandra: Have you seen the helot named Rhode?
  • Helot 3 (unnamed): Yes, she was taken to the center of Aipeia. I heard she's going to meet her end there.

The helot took his leave.

  • Kassandra: The town center. I should hurry.

Kassandra left the building and made for the town center. There, she heard the guards passing judgment on Rhode.

  • Greek Soldier: You're making this worse for yourself!
  • Rhode: You made us steal the food. There's not enough to go around.
  • Greek Soldier: Shut up! It's not the first time you've been caught, and this time it's going to be the last.
  • Rhode: At least I'll go with a stomach full of bread!

Kassandra fought the guards and freed Rhode.

[probably missing some dialogue]

She met with her in the building nearby.

  • Rhode: That was close! Thanks, misthios! Good thing you came along. Bye!
  • Kassandra: Wait! I'm looking for the Commander. I was told you know something about him.
  • Rhode: The Commander... Oh, I know him alright. Brings back fond memories. I used to work for that malákas.

(Asked "What is he like?")

  • Kassandra: This Commander sounds terrible.
  • Rhode: He's ruthless, misthios. He would work us till our hands were red and raw, and we'd bleed and cry until dawn. Even the children weren't spared. Which is why I have to pinch food when I can. It's never enough.

(Asked "How did you get caught?")

  • Kassandra: You were lucky, I arrived just in time. How did you get caught?
  • Rhode: They caught me stealing one loaf of bread and sentenced me to death. So what if I stole from them ten other times? It's too much, too severe!

(Chose "Tell me where the Commander is.")

  • Kassandra: Point me to the Commander, and I'll stick my blade through his throat.
  • Rhode: You're looking to kill him? Great!

Kassandra raised an eyebrow.

  • Rhode: Things are happening in Messenia, misthios. Look at how we're suffering... How the children suffer. There must be something better out there for them. I have a plan to get the children away from here. My son... and the others. Help the children, and I'll help you.

  • Kassandra: I'll do it, but you better tell me where the Commander is.
  • Rhode: So kind of you, misthios! I promise, you'll find your target. Just don't gut him in front of the children.

  • Kassandra: What's your plan to get the children out?
  • Rhode: We have a fisherman nearby who is being paid handsomely for the job. We need to take the children to his boat near the docks, but we need to leave soon. Time is almost up.
  • Kassandra: Lead the way.
  • Rhode: Follow me!

Rhode led Kassandra to the tents on the outskirts of the city, where the children awaited.

  • Pebble: Mater!
  • Rhode: Hello my little Pebble. No time to talk, we need to go—now!
  • Pebble: Who's this?
  • Rhode: A misthios friend! She's going to help us get out of here.

Rhode led the children and Kassandra back through the city towards the port.

  • Pebble: All right everyone. Mater says to follow the misthios. Stay in a group so we don't get lost.
  • Helot Child (girl): Stay in a group so we don't get lost!
  • Pebble: This is serious!
  • Helot Child (boy): Do you have a hero name, misthios?
  • Pebble: A hero name is a code name only the greatest, bestest, heroes have. It's usually a combination of a cool animal and the weather.
  • Rhode: Tell her your hero names, children.
  • Pebble: Mine's Wolfstorm.
  • Helot Child (girl): Mine's Sharklightning!
  • Helot Child (boy): Mine's...
  • Helot Child (girl): He's Chickenrain!

Pebble and Sharklightning giggled at the name while Chickenrain sulked.

  • Helot Child (boy): I didn't choose that name! I hate you both!

As they neared the port, a man dressed in Order armor blocked their path with a contingent of guards.

  • Commander Harpagos: Look who we have here.
  • Helot Child (boy): Ahh!
  • Helot Child (girl): Scary man!
  • Kassandra: Stay back, children.

Kassandra stepped in front between the commander and the children.

  • Commander Harpagos: I knew I would find you here, Eagle Bearer.
  • Kassandra: You caught me.
  • Commander Harpagos: They were right, you're always at the center of the chaos. Now, why don't you step aside and let me do my job? I'll deal with you—

He looked menacingly at Rhode. Kassandra adjusted her armor, ready for a fight.

  • Commander Harpagos: And you after I take the children away. They have work to do.

  • Kassandra: Why wait? I've been looking for you—thanks for sparing me the trouble. I can deal with you now.

Rhode turned to lead the children away.

  • Commander Harpagos: Let's not waste any time then. I'll make an example out of your screams.

The guards engaged Kassandra, and she drew her weapons.

  • Rhode: Cover your eyes, children! Don't look!
  • Helot Child (boy): Make him pay! Impale him! Cut off his head! Roar!
  • Rhode: Language.
  • Pebble: He doesn't look very strong. Poke his eyes out!

Kassandra killed Commander Harpagos and his entire guard. Rhode urged the children onwards.

  • Rhode: Go to the cove. Hurry, kids! A boat is waiting.
  • Helot Child (girl): You need a hero name, misthios!
  • Kassandra: Why don't you choose one for me.
  • Helot Child (girl): Hmm...
  • Helot Child (boy): Oh, oh! Eagle something! Since she has an eagle!
  • Pebble: Eaglethunder!
  • Helot Child (girl): Perfect!
  • Helot Child (boy): You're one of us now!

The group finally arrived at the cove.

  • Helot Child (boy): Yay! You did it! You defeated the bad guys!
  • Helot Child (girl): Eaglethunder! Eaglethunder! Eaglethunder!
  • Pebble: That was super amazing!
  • Rhode: Misthios! You did it.

Rhode turned to the fisherman, who nodded to acknowledge their agreement. She knelt before her daughter and her voice broke.

  • Rhode: It's time for you to go, little Pebble.
  • Pebble: You're... not coming?
  • Rhode: I can't. I have to stay here and work hard so I can visit you one day.
  • Helot Child (girl): No... No! Where's my pater? Where's my mater?
  • Pebble: I can't be without you, mater. Who will hug me when I have a bad dream?
  • Rhode: Misthios, I—I'm not sure. Now that we're here, I don't know if I can bear to send them away.

Chickenrain began to cry and turned away.

  • Helot Child (girl): Don't make us go, please.

  • Kassandra: You have to go. Messenia is crawling with danger—it's not safe for children.
  • Helot Child (boy): But what about our parents? What will happen to them?
  • Kassandra: They want what's best for you. Now go, the boat is waiting.

Rhode knelt down and clasped her daughter's elbows.

  • Rhode: Chaire, my Pebble.

The boat carrying the children disappeared past the horizon as Kassandra and Rhode looked on.

  • Kassandra: Things will be better for them out there.
  • Rhode: You're right. If the children stayed, I don't know if we'd be able to protect them. I hope they have a better life ahead... Better than we could have given them.
  • Kassandra: We will always fight for our children.
  • Rhode: Always.

She turned to face Kassandra.

  • Rhode: And you got your commander. Thank you, misthios. May our paths cross again.


Kassandra saved three helots from their captors at the Leader House in Aipeia. She then rushed towards the execution platform in town to rescue Rhode. Together with Rhode, Kassandra tried to bring the children of Aipeia to safety, including Pebble, daughter of Rhode. Kassandra assassinated Commander Harpagos at the docks when he tried to stop them. Eventually Kassandra had to choose between sending the children away or letting them stay.


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