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Come Out and Play was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio continued his search for the remaining Pazzi conspirators, who plotted against both his family and the Medici family.


Ezio found one of his uncle's mercenaries outside a church.

  • Mercenary: Ezio! About time you got here. We've found Bernardo Baroncelli.
  • Ezio: Ottima notizia! (This is good news!) Tell me where he is and I'll see that he's dealt with.
  • Mercenary: That's the trouble. Lorenzo actually had him arrested days ago, after being returned to us from Constantinople. But he escaped! We believe him to be somewhere inside San Gimignano.
  • Ezio: Va bene. (Okay.) I'll see if I can't pin him down.
  • Mercenary: How do you expect to succeed where the rest of us have failed?
  • Ezio: I have my ways...

Ezio searched within the city walls and found Bernardo, scared and speaking to himself, in the market along with a few guards.

  • Bernardo: ...I just need to take things one day at a time...
    He'll get bored... Lost... Confused... Distracted... Killed... It'll be okay... And if he does come... If it happens... I keep moving... Never in one place for long... Only... Only how to sleep... When to sleep... Where to sleep... The guard tower perhaps... They'll think me mad... They don't know... I'll pay them, yes... Then what will it matter... All they care about is coin... All anyone cares about is coin... Good for the brotherhood... Good for me... Safer this way... Yes... Yes..
    I'll ask ... And then... And then I will be protected... We'll meet when it's time... And I'll leave this place... Free.. In time... In time... Wait! What is that... I saw something... Another mercenario
    (mercenary) come to SPY on me...
    No... No... Just my nerves... Hard to stay calm knowing that he seeks me... I must stay focused... And soon this will be done... Soon...
Come out And Play 4

Ezio assassinating Bernardo Baroncelli

Ezio advanced towards Bernardo.

  • Bernardo: He's here! Help!
    Guards! Guards! Where are the god-damned guards?
    Get away from me, Assassin! Away! Away! Away!!
    I won't give you the satisfaction! HELP!
    Why do you all just stand around and gawk!? DO SOMETHING! HELP ME!

Ezio struck down Bernardo with his Hidden Blade.

  • Bernardo: I knew you would come...
  • Ezio: Where is Jacopo?
  • Bernardo: So you can do to him what you've done to me?
  • Ezio: There is still time for you to clear your conscience.
  • Bernardo: We gather at the church when a meeting is called...
  • Ezio: Mi duole dover giungere a tanto. (I am sorry that it came to this.) Requiescat in Pace. (Rest in peace.)


Ezio assassinated Bernardo Baroncelli, and learned that he was to meet Jacopo de' Pazzi near the church.



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