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Cologne (German: Köln) is a city located in Germany, itself historically a part of the Holy Roman Empire. From as early as the 5th century, it served as a base for the Hidden Ones who would eventually evolve into the German Brotherhood of Assassins. Centuries later during the Renaissance, the city received visits from members of the Italian Brotherhood.


Roman Empire[]

Shortly after the death of Emperor Honorius in 423 CE, the magister and member of the Roman Hidden Ones Vitus wrote to his brethren who were stationed at a Hidden One bureau in Leicester, England. In his letter, he ordered that its recipient immediately evacuate, due to local tribes who harbored ill sentiments towards the Hidden Ones and their mission having filled the power vacuum left by the departing Roman legions, and to move their headquarters to Cologne and join forces with the local chapter.[1]


The Assassin apprentices sent by Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Rome traveled to Cologne to meet with Conradus Celtis, a scholar who had begun to uncover the existence of the Assassin Order through his thorough research. The Assassins managed to persuade him of the need to keep their existence secret, and Celtis agreed to keep his research hidden.[2]