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Collective Intelligence was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio returned to the Assassins Guild on Tiber Island, where he was updated with various reports from Bartolomeo d'Alviano, Claudia Auditore da Firenze, La Volpe and Niccolò Machiavelli.


CI 1

Machiavelli informing Ezio about the Templar agents

  • Ezio: Machiavelli. We must talk.
  • Machiavelli: Yes. I secured something of great worth from one of my contacts. We now have the names of several Templar agents Cesare has recruited to terrorize Roma.
  • Ezio: How do I find them?
  • Machiavelli: I can give you a general location. I suggest looking for signs of distress nearby. Perhaps you will uncover citizens who can point you in the right direction. My contact will continue searching for more names.
  • Ezio: This information came from a city guard?
  • Machiavelli: Yes. How did you know?
  • Ezio: Lucky guess. Grazie (Thank you).
  • Machiavelli: Claudia, Bartolomeo and La Volpe are waiting for you inside. I can't imagine how you did it.
  • Ezio: Virtú (Virtue), Machiavelli.
  • Machiavelli: Virtú? (Virtue?)

Ezio entered another room of the Guild, where the others were waiting.

  • Ezio: What have you discovered?
  • Bartolomeo: That bastardo (bastard) Cesare is in the Castel Sant'Angelo with the Pope.
  • La Volpe: My spies tell me that the Apple has been secreted to someone for study. I am working on determining his identity.
CI 2

The Assassins and Claudia gathering at the meeting

  • Claudia: Caterina will be moved to the prison within the Castello next week.
  • Machiavelli: Bene (Good). So the Castello it is. Roma will heal quickly with Cesare and Rodrigo gone.
  • Ezio: Only if the opportunity to assassinate them arises will I take it.
  • Machiavelli: Do not repeat your mistake in the Vault. You must kill them now.
  • Bartolomeo: I'm with Machiavelli, Ezio. We should not wait.
  • La Volpe: Bartolomeo is right.
  • Claudia: They must pay for Mario's death.
  • Ezio: Do not worry. They will die. You have my word.
Collective Intelligence 3

Ezio speaking with an architect

Ezio approached an architect within the main chamber of the Guild.

  • Architect: Ser Ezio, I represent the combined resources of Bartolomeo d'Alviano, Claudia Auditore and La Volpe. Through my associates spread across the city you can channel your florins to any part of the underground you desire. You may have seen notices posted around Roma which allow you to purchase buildings. Income from your new tenants will be deposited with bookkeepers as well as additional profit from renovations. Bookkeepers can be found throughout the city.
  • Ezio: Molto bene. (Very good.)


Ezio learned about the locations of Cesare, Rodrigo, the Apple of Eden and Caterina Sforza.


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