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This article is about the individual. You may be looking for Colette (memory).

Colette (fl. 1790's) was an informant working for the Parisian Brotherhood of Assassins during the French Revolution. The owner of Café Théâtre and Assassin Charlotte Gouze sent her investigated on Les Actes des Apôtres, a royalist group which organized crimes through Paris. Colette, posing as a war orphan, became a scullery maid for Azelma and an innkeeper, two members of Les Actes des Apôtres. She discovered information on their leader, Renard, but she was compromised by Azelma who ordered to the innkeeper to kill Colette. Gouze sent the Assassin Arno Dorian saved Colette. With the innkeeper dead, Colette could resume her work. Later she discoverd that Renard wanted to sell the Sancy diamond which was stolen during the raid on the royal treasury. With this information, Arno could steal the diamond and send it far from France.[1]


  • Colette's name is a reference to Les Misérables, where a girl named Cosette worked as a servant for an innkeeper and his wife Azelma before the protagonist Jean Valjean saved her.
  • Colette, a diminutive of Nicolette, is ultimately derived from the Greek name Νικολαος ('Nikolaos'), meaning "victory of the people".



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