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Cole is a field agent and a member of the Templar Order, serving as the chief of security at the Aerie, an Abstergo Industries facility.


In 2016, after the Templars failed to capture all the teenagers using a stolen Animus to find the Trident of Eden under the guidance of Templar-turncoat Sebastian Monroe, the director of the Aerie, Isaiah, tasked Cole and her team to capture the two fugitives. However, Owen Meyers and Javier Mondragón were rescued by the Assassins who began to train the two teens in the following weeks, complicating Cole's mission. Indeed, after the Templars located their preys, Cole and her team were sent to raid the Assassin safehouse but the two teens and their Assassin protector, Griffin, fought back and escaped. Following her failure, Isaiah told Cole that her mission was now to terminate the two boys, to prevent the secrets of their DNA from falling into the hands of the Assassins.

Several days later, after Griffin and his pupils where separated while infiltrating the Aerie in order to free the four teenagers that the Templars captured, Owen and Javier took Cole hostage. Holding her at gun point the teens forced Cole to open a biometric door, allowing them to enter into the facility before shooting her with a sleep dart. Eventually, Javier and Griffin fled with Natalya Aliyev and David Collins, but Owen and Monroe, who had also somehow infiltrated the Aerie to save the teens, were captured. The two other teenagers, Sean Molloy and Grace Collins, decided to stay with the Templars.

Later, Isaiah and most of his men left for Mongolia, to find the second prong of the Trident of Eden, and Cole was left in charge of the Aerie. When Owen tried to escape the facility with Grace, who changed her mind, Cole unexpectedly helped them. The Templar led them to Monroe's cell and brought the three to a container of equipments about to be shipped to Mongolia. When Owen asked her if she was the mysterious Rothenburg, an Assassin mole in the Templars midst, Cole told him that she didn't knew what he was talking about. Later, Monroe explained to them that Cole helped them to repay a debt she owed him.

Later, when Isaiah returned to the Aerie, Cole followed his order to remove the processor core from Sean's Animus.


  • Cole is described as a young woman with straight blond hair, full lips and a sharp chin.



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