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Colchester (Old English: Colcestre) is a historic market town in Essex, England. It was, for a time, the capital city of the Roman province of Britannia and lays claim to be regarded as one of Britain's oldest town.


During the 9th century, the town was visited by the Viking Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan after its ealdorman, Birstan, called for help. In 875, Eivor was contracted to stage a kidnap of Birstan's wife, Lady Estrid, in order for them to be free of their restraints of their arranged marriage.[1] With the help of Rollo, Eivor followed through with the shadow play during the Lammas festival in the city and successfully stole Estrid.[2] Birstan later welcomed his old flame, Alfida, into his house, and threw a party to their rekindled romance.[3]

At some moment, Eivor inspected the city as she recovered clues about one of the Order of the Ancients members, The Sickle. Discovering The Sickle's identity to be Heika of Friesland, Eivor found that her workplace happened to be at a bakery in the city's marketplace. After locating Heika, Eivor assassinated the palatinus and ended her work for the order.[4]




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