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ACU Cogneur


The cogneur is a blunt polearm akin to a long mace.


Similar to a long mace, the cogneur is effectively a long pole with a metal tip—in this case roughly in the shape of a rounded cube. While sharp studs are set into the cube, overall the polearm is mostly blunt. Though simple in design, the cogneur is effective at knocking enemies about.[1]


During the French Revolution, a cogneur was among the specialty weapons in the armory of the police in Paris. Sometime between April 1796 and July 1797,[2] Police Minister Charles Cochon de Lapparent gave a cogneur to the Assassin Arno Dorian of the Parisian Brotherhood as a reward for apprehending Anne de Molay, the woman who murdered Paul Teragon and Bertrand Grimany, descendants of the prosecutors of Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay.[3]

Weapon statistics

Level Damage Parry Speed Range Cost Modifiers
* * 2 2 3 4 N/A Additional damage: +25%




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