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Coat of Arms was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno investigated a coat ordered by Louis Antoine de Saint-Just.


Arno approached Saint-Just's valet.

  • Valet: Robbed, I tell you! This is madness!
    That tailor refuses to deliver the coat I have ordered for Louis Antoine de Saint-Just.
  • Arno: Must be a misunderstanding. I'll speak to the tailor.
  • Valet: It's either his head, or mine!

Arno spoke to the tailor.

  • Arno: That man outside says you owe him a coat.
  • Tailor: No one's getting that coat until I get some answers.
  • Arno: About what?
  • Tailor: This material! There's something fishy about it. I tried to ask the tanner, but rough men outside the tannery turned me away.
  • Arno: I'll see what I can do.

Arno infiltrated the tannery.

  • Arno: Eugh. Smells disgusting...
  • Guard 1: They don't pay me enough for this work.
  • Guard 2: Count yourself lucky you have a job at all.
  • Guard 1: Hah. As if I could afford anything.

Arno spoke to the tanner.

  • Tanner: Please! Help me...
  • Arno: What happened here?
  • Tanner: Saint-Just wanted leather, but... not from cowhide...
  • Arno: You're making leather from human skin!?
  • Tanner: My God... I was forced!
  • Arno: Saint-Just will pay.

Arno returned to the valet.

  • Arno: That leather is made from human skin!
  • Valet It had better be, that's why Saint-Just is paying so well.
  • Arno: You'll both pay, with your lives.
  • Valet: You know, you may become a nice coat yourself. Seize him!

The valet and his guards attacked Arno, who proceeded to kill them. Arno then returned to the tailor.

  • Arno: You were right.
  • Tailor: What is it?
  • Arno: They were using human skin to make the leather for Saint-Just's coat.
  • Tailor: My God. I'll make sure this leather is used as evidence to denounce Saint-Just and bring him down.
  • Arno: Good luck.


Arno learned that Saint-Just had ordered his coat to be made of human skin. After killing Saint-Just's valet, he told the commissioned tailor of the material. The tailor then planned to use the skin as evidence againt Saint-Just.


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