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This article is about the Club Challenges given to Ratonhnhaké:ton. You may be looking for the Guild challenges given to Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

The Club Challenges were given to Colonial Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton by the four clubs he joined: the Frontiersmen, the Hunting Society, the Boston Brawlers and the Thief's Club.


  • Dive into the water from a height of 50 meters
  • Complete an Almanac
  • Climb a total of 1,500 meters
  • Discover the location of every Trading Post
  • Listen to all of Washington's conversations

  • Reveal all of Boston's Map
  • Reveal all of New York's Map
  • Reveal the whole Frontier Map
  • Reach all the Viewpoints
  • Discover all of the Underground Network Entrances in New York and Boston
  • Visit every tavern in the Frontier, New York and Boston

  • Hunting[]

  • Stealth kill 5 animals using bait
  • Skin 25 animals
  • Kill 10 animals with the Hidden Blade
  • Capture 20 animals with the snare
  • Kill 15 animals with the bow

  • Skin every species of animal
  • Kill 5 animals from horseback
  • Trade hunting spoils worth £2000
  • Kill 10 animals in close combat
  • Complete the hunting map
  • Collect 50 undamaged pelts

  • Boston Brawlers[]

    • Disarm 5 enemies
    • Kill 5 enemies affected by a Smoke Bomb within 10 seconds
    • Stealth kill 10 enemies
    • Kill 25 enemies with the Hidden Blade
    • Kill 10 Officers
    • Achieve a 5-enemy kill streak

  • Fight and kill 10 Grenadiers
  • Kill an enemy with every type of weapon
  • Perform 5 Double Assassinations
  • Have your Recruits assist Connor in combat 10 times
  • Liberate 3 forts

  • Achieve a 7-enemy kill streak
  • Use the Rope darts to perform a predator move 5 times
  • Own every weapon available from the stores
  • Disarm and kill 10 Jägers with their own weapons
  • Defend yourself from a firing line 10 times with a human shield

  • Thief's Club[]

  • Escape from open conflict by using escape or hiding 10 times
  • Lure a guard dog away using bait 3 times
  • Perform 30 stealth kills without being detected
  • Steal everything a guard has 3 times
  • Steal everything a rich citizen has without being detected

  • Find and empty 10 chests in New York
  • Pickpocket £1500
  • Poison 5 enemies
  • Successfully attack and loot a convoy three times
  • Win £500 by playing minigames

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