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Herakles' Mace 1

The misthios Kassandra wielding Herakles' legendary club

A club is one of the most rudimentary forms of weapons, being nothing more than a stick, most often carved from wood, with an enlarged end used to deliver blunt force trauma.

Because of their simplicity, clubs were among the earliest weapons wielded by humans, and they were commonly employed by societies such as the Kanien'kehá:ka whose technological development remained low compared to advanced urban civilizations. Nonetheless, indigenous peoples of North America like the Kanien'kehá:ka improved on the design of the basic club to create the much deadlier, sharpened gunstock war club.[1] Likewise, Afro-Eurasians invented the mace, a derivative of the club consisting of a shaft and a heavy head that was often forged from metal.[2][3][4]

Weapon statistics

Peloponnesian War (5th century BCE)

Name Rarity DPS (Max Lvl 50) Attributes Availability
Bone Mace Rare ??  ??  ??
Epic ??  ??
Dumontos's Kolossos Mace Epic ??

+14% Warrior Damage

+5% All Damage

+20% Adrenaline per CRIT

Loot legendary chest in Lake Poseidon .
Herakles' Mace Legendary ?? +15% Hunter Damage
+15% Adrenaline per Hit
+40% Damage with Bows when Above Target
Loot legendary chest in the Temple of Demeter and Kore.
The Rearranger Rare ??  ?? Ubisoft Club.
Wooden Mace Epic ??  ??  ??

Ptolemaic Egypt (1st century BCE)

Heavy blunts

Name Rarity Quality (Max Level 40) Damage (Max Level 40) Attributes Availability
Boredom Bane Common Adrenaline on Kill I Blacksmith, Loot
Diamond Exchange Common 85 404 Adrenaline on Kill II Blacksmith, Loot
Eye of Apep Legendary 91 409 Adrenaline on Kill II

Critical Hit Damage III

Poison on Hit

Desert Cobra Pack DLC
Eye of Ra Legendary 91 404 Adrenaline on Kill III

Adrenaline on Hurt II

On Fire

Helix Store, Nomad's Bazaar
Face-Breaker Rare 86 404 Adrenaline on Kill I

Adrenaline Regeneration II

Headache Remedy Legendary 93 412 Adrenaline on Kill III

Adrenaline on Hurt II

Sleep on Hit

Blacksmith, Loot
No Borders Legendary 95 641 Adrenaline on Kill II

Adrenaline on Hurt III

Health for Damage

Nomad's Bazaar
Sharur Rare 88 408 Adrenaline on Kill III

Critical Hit Rate I

American Revolution

Name Damage Speed Combo Cost Availability
Gunstock War Club 3 4 2 £6500 Sequence 6
Wooden War Club 3 3 3 £2650 Sequence 6
Stonehead War Club 3 1 2 £3850 Sequence 9
Obwandiyag's War Club 5 5 1 N/A Sequence 7
Iron Blade War Club 4 5 1 N/A Craft at Homestead

French Revolution

Name Level Damage Parry Speed Range Cost Modifiers Requirements
The drumstick * * 1 2 4 2 N/A Additional Damage: +25% Dead KingsEqual Justice
A sculpted human bone * * 3 2 4 2 N/A Additional Damage: +25% Dead KingsThe Unopened Rose



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