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Clothes Make the Man was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ugo informed Ezio Auditore that Antonio's new plan was to replace the guards and archers around the Palazzo della Seta. Ugo suggested that Ezio stole the armor used by Emilio's guards. He also asked Ezio to commandeer a boat used by the guards.


Ezio met Ugo near the docks.

  • Ugo: Rescuing my brothers was more than just an act of charity, Ezio. The men you freed will play a vital role in the weeks to come. Just ask for their help, and they'll join you.
  • Ezio: And once I have my little band of thieves?
  • Ugo: Send them towards a group of guards and they'll create a distraction....
  • Ezio: ...opening the way for me.
  • Ugo: Exactly.
  • Ezio: Saves me from having to bloody my sword. I like it.
  • Ugo: Exactly. Now I'll tell you what to do with them. Antonio's plan calls for a bit of deception. We're to imitate his archers, which means we'll need the armor that they wear. A shipment of the stuff has just been loaded into chests and now awaits delivery to Seta. Loot the chests and retrieve the outfits. When that's finished, I'll need you to fetch me a boat as well and bring it back here. We'll use it to move our men into the Palazzo undetected.
  • Ezio: Consider it done.

Ezio retrieved the outfits and brought the boat to Ugo.

  • Ugo: Molto bene (Very good), Ezio. This is exactly what we needed. I'll let Antonio know you've finished the job.


Ezio succeeded in obtaining the boat and armor which was later used to infiltrate the Palazzo della Seta by Antonio's thieves.


  • Although Ugo tells Ezio that the thieves are to impersonate the archers, in the following memory, after Ezio kills the archers on the rooftops, the thieves don the armor of captains instead of the uniforms of archers.



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