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"Can pop a muskrat's head from a quarter mile nine times outta ten– and the ten's a misfire."
―Clipper Wilkinson to Ratonhnhaké:ton.[src]

Clipper Wilkinson (born 1756) was a member of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins who lived in Boston during the latter part of the 18th century. He was recruited by Ratonhnhaké:ton in Boston's southern district during the American Revolutionary War.

Clipper was also a noted sharpshooter, who had specialized in using a musket. After being recruited, this allowed Connor to use his Assassin recruits to snipe a target at a distance.


Originally living in Virginia, Wilkinson spent his early years working as a surveyor and hunter on the frontier with his family, where he trained and became an excellent marksman. However, growing up as the youngest of five children, Clipper felt less valued than his elder brothers and grew tired of competing with them. As a result, he became estranged with his family and chose to move to New York. During his journey, Wilkinson hoped to find contracts in New York for a living and take part in the Colonist expeditions to the west of Ohio.[1]

While in Boston, the American Revolutionary War began and Wilkinson's family had sided with British Loyalists. However, Wilkinson noticed that many young men and boys were being forced into military service by the British, who would execute those who refused to take part. Wilkinson was greatly opposed to the conscription, hence sided with the Patriots' cause for freedom.[1]

Having heard rumors about Connor's struggle against the British oppression after the Boston Tea Party, Wilkinson approached him and requested his help; Connor then liberated the South Boston district by assassinating the conscription agents. Soon after, Connor met up with Wilkinson, who had discovered the identity of the British officer who was responsible for the conscription and was assembling a group of men to be recruited into the British Army.[2]

Together, the pair decided to take action and assassinate the officer at a rally, utilizing the help of Wilkinson and his marksmanship skills. After freeing the recruits, Connor revealed the truth of the Templar Order and explained the Assassins' cause to liberate all of mankind. Wilkinson then joined Assassin Brotherhood to fight for freedom, and was sent on various missions to assist in the war, eventually becoming a fully fledged Assassin. In 1776, Clipper returned to New York to prevent Connor from being executed at the City Hall on false charges of plotting to murder George Washington.[2]


  • In combat, Clipper wielded a sabre.




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