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Clinton B. Rosenburg, Ph.D. was the head of the Chemistry Life Foundation, who had connections with Abstergo Industries.


In 1952, Clinton Rosenburg was hired by Abstergo Industries to closely observe Linus Pauling's work on his DNA structure research. He then reported his findings directly to the Director of Abstergo Chemical. On 14 August, he reported to the Director Pauling's discovery of a structural model for deoxyribonucleric acid and his works on the triple helix DNA structure thinking it would be of great interest. He also suggested to the Director that Abstergo Chemical invest more into DNA sciences as it was to be the science of the future.[1]

Nearly three decades later on 14 August 1984, Rosenburg wrote to the Director for the last time. In his letter he detailed his recent struggles, and stopped for a moment to theorize the Director might not have even existed at all. Rosenburg became bitter over having to work under Warren Vidic, calling him and his co-workers "nothing more than an assembly line". He then called Vidic's Animus Project preposterous, and that in the three decades that had passed he had never found another triple helix DNA sample. With that, Rosenburg ceased all contact with Abstergo.[1]




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