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Pope Clement V (c. 1264 – 1314), born Raymond Bertrand de Got, was a French prelate and later Pope from 1305 until his death. He was also the first of the so-called Avignon Popes.


A pawn of the Assassins and Philip IV of France, Clement came to power after Benedict XI was poisoned by the Assassin Mentor Guillaume de Nogaret. Under influence of Nogaret and the Assassins, Philip and Clement collaborated to disband the Order of the Knights Templar after they had been falsely accused of heresy.[1]

In 1308 however, Clement wrote a document which absolved Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay of all charges. In order to ensure that their plan to destroy the Templars continued, the Assassins stole the document, which would only be re-discovered in 2001.[1]

In 1312, Clement officially disbanded the Knights Templar in his papal bull, Vox in excelso. All of the Order's assets were later given to the Knights Hospitalier. After a seven year trial, Clement was present during the burning of Jacques de Molay in 1314. Jacques while being burned cursed Clement, claiming he would die within the year.[1]




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