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Claridas, born Sennefer, was an Egyptian chariot racer and a member of the Veneta Blue in Kanopos, Egypt who lived during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Early life

Bayek: "Remember the horses we rode outside Siwa?"
Claridas: "Those nags? Hah! Never thought you would leave that shithole. Ah, Siwa. Small, poor, and ugly. The only beauty there was Aya. Has it changed much? Has she?"
Bayek: "Things change. People change."
—Claridas and Bayek on their past, 48 BCE.[src]-[m]

Claridas was previously known as Sennefer and lived in the village of Siwa, often competing in horse races against Bayek. He had also shown a liking to Aya, an Alexandrian woman who later married Bayek.[1] However, Sennefer was not content with living in the village and thirsted for fame and glory. To that end, he left the village and moved to Kanopos to start a chariot racing career in the Lageion Hippodrome, under the name 'Claridas'. He came to idolize Icarus, a prominent racer of the Prasina Green who won many races. Claridas later joined the Veneta Blue, pitching himself against the Greens, who were their rivals.[2]

Reunion with Bayek

Bayek: "Sennefer? Is it you?"
Claridas: "Bayek, you sour-faced Siwan! Hah, hah. I-- I'm Claridas now. What are you doing here?"
—Claridas reunited with Bayek, 48 BCE[src]-[m]

Claridas reunited with Bayek

In 48 BCE, Claridas attended a memorial in front of the Lageion Hippodrome dedicated to Icarus, who passed away that year. There, he was reunited with Bayek, who had come looking for Apollodorus' contact. Before either of them could start a conversation, they caught sight of two of Claridas' teammates, Archippos and Maleos, bullying Nikias, a member of the Greens. Claridas interrupted his teammates and told them to allow Nikias to mourn Icarus in peace. He later invited Bayek to visit the town's tavern so that they could catch up.[2]

A while later, Bayek joined Claridas in the tavern in Kanopos, where they discussed their life in Siwa. While Bayek was on the second floor, he was approached by Nikias, who invited him to join the Prasina Green. Claridas later approached from behind and asked Nikias to leave. Shortly thereafter, both Claridas and Bayek became drunk, with the former asking Bayek to follow him out of the tavern. Along the way, both men debated about Claridas' actions, giving up his life in Siwa to pursue his ambition in the hippodrome. Arriving at a memorial for Icarus, the debate escalated to include Bayek's own personal life, resulting in them sparring with each other before passing out in the nearby stables. When they awoke the next morning, Claridas questioned Bayek about Nikias and the words they'd exchanged the night before. Bayek replied that Nikias had invited him to join the Prasina Green as a chariot racer. Before leaving, Claridas told the Medjay that he would need all the help he could get to race in the hippodrome.[2]