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Claiming What's Due was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Not content with the money he received from Governor Torres, Edward decided to free the Sage and find out more about the Observatory.


Edward met with Stede Bonnet.

  • Bonnet: A fine night, don't you think?
    Join me for a drink, Edward.
  • Edward: God sink me for this pittance. One thousand reales for those maps. That's what? A hundred pounds at most. How's a man supposed to become rich in these times with a miser like Torres running the world?
  • Bonnet: Have you ever, ah... you ever worked on a plantation before?
  • Edward: You know what I'm thinking? I'd like to see this Observatory the governor was going on about. He said it were like a device that could follow people around and show where they were.
  • Bonnet: A ludicrous idea! Imagine my wife with such an advantage over me.
  • Edward: Well, imagine what a thing like that would be worth. Sell that to the right person and I'd be the richest pirate...privateer in the West Indies. I'll catch you up, Bonnet. There's a Sage in that house I must speak to. In private.

Edward located the prison's warden, stole his key, and made for the cell in which the Sage was being held. However, he found the cell empty and scattered with dead bodies. While investigating the area, he was knocked down by El Tiburón.

  • Torres: (Enough!) What is your true name, rogue?
  • Edward: It's, ah... Captain Pissoff.
  • Julien: (Nothing but a filthy peasant.)
  • Torres: Where is the Sage? Did you set him free?
  • Edward: I had nothing to do with that, much as I wish I did.
  • Torres: Take him to the ports. Send him to (Seville) with the Treasure Fleet.
  • Edward: Wait now! I delivered your treasures, didn't I?
  • Torres: You did, yes. But you robbed us of Duncan Walpole.


Edward was taken prisoner and locked up on one of the ships of the treasure fleet.



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