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ACS City of London

City of London

The City of London is one of the seven boroughs of London. During the Industrial Revolution, the area served as a financial center with its sky-high towers and stone walkways, where people of power operated.

The borough were overseen by the Templar Bloody Nora; to take over City of London, Jacob and Evie Frye had to take down several threats. When they were dealt with, a Gang War would be arranged to take down the Templars' grip on the borough for good.

Templar-overseer Templars Strongholds Blighters Factories
Bloody Nora Thomas Blackroot Eveline Dipper

The Slaughterhouse Siblings

Field Lane Black Swan Yard

Rosemary Lane

Harvey Hughes Maude Foster

David O'Donnell

Spindles and Looms Wolfshead Brewing Co.

Outteridge Manufacturing



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