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"Pirates are able men, brave for the most part, but they will never understand the true ways of the world. Commerce is what brings men together, what truly binds them in peace and prolonged submission to authority. The plundering parasites that we are cannot hope to fight the march of time... nor can we hope to bend the world to our selfish needs. Pirates do not create wealth, they steal it and spend it on whores and rum. [...] We will perish in attacks led by the civilized. But not I. No... I won't witness the fall..."
―Christopher Condent in a letter to his mother.[src]

Christopher Condent (1690s – 1770) was an English pirate and member of the Pirate Republic of Nassau. He was also secretly a member of the Templar Order.


Leader of the Pirate Republic

"With Hornigold away, a new figure has emerged from the crowd of restless pirates. A young, clean-shaven, and surprisingly eloquent man named Christopher Condent."
―An intellegence report on Condent

At some point in his life, Condent joined the Templar Order. He eventually ended up in the Pirate Republic of Nassau. With the absence of Benjamin Hornigold, Condent soon took a leading role in the administration of the Republic. This caught the attention of several other pirates, who noticed his sophisticated bearing and appearance.

Under Condent's leadership, the Republic soon became more focused on the careful accumulation of riches than the ideals of freedom and democracy. During this time, he also extorted plunder from other members of the pirate community, earning money for the Templars. At the same time, he was working with his fellow Templars in order to find the Fragment of Eden.

In May 1717, he welcomed the pirates Alonzo Batilla and Olivier Levasseur to Nassau. After Condent informed them of the food shortage in the Republic, the pirates volunteered to attack a convoy of ships in order acquire supplies. After Batilla returned with supplies, Condent tasked the pirate with recovering several bottles of rum from a nearby shipwreck. Once Batilla returned, Condent informed him that the pirate Charles Vane had drunkenly attacked two ships, threatening to bring complete chaos to the Republic. Having rescued Vane, Batilla returned, but Condent told him that Levasseur had disappeared, leaving behind only a map.

Templar Business

In December of that year, Condent met with his fellow Templars Hornigold and Barnes. While Hornigold berated Barnes for his failure in retrieving the Fragment in Levasseur's possession, Condent interrupted the conversation and shot Barnes for his failure, as well as a means of tying up loose ends. Batilla had tailed them, however, and attacked them, after which Condent and Hornigold escaped.

In August 1718, Condent located Batilla and Levasseur in Caicos Islands, where the latter had buried the Fragment. After the two pirates had retrieved the artifact from a nearby cave, Condent ambushed them and engaged in battle with Batilla. Although Condent's ship was superior to Batilla's, the young pirate used the Fragment of Eden to boost the weapons and the speed of his vessel. Overwhelmed by the unexpected counterattack, Condent's vessel was sank by his enemy.


  • In 2015, his name was on a list of known British Templars used by the Templar Isabelle Ardant.



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