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Christophe was a ten year old Dutch boy who lived with his father on the outskirts of the Black Forest in Germany, helping customers in his general store.


In 1747, the Templars Haytham Kenway and Reginald Birch came to his father's shop looking for a man named Jack Digweed, who Haytham suspected of having been involved in an attack on his family home.

Christophe's father, who had earlier been threatened by mercenaries into revealing his location, attempted to play innocent and claim that he did not know anything. Haytham sensed this, however, drew his sword and placed the blade under Christophe's throat, threatening to kill the child unless his father told him the truth. Christophe remained remarkably calm at first, but eventually started to break down a little when Haytham pressed the blade a little further.

This immediately convinced the boy's father to tell the truth, blurting out that some men had wrangled the location out of him earlier and were heading to Digweed's cabin in the forest. Haytham immediately released Christophe and hastened to the cabin.

On the way, Birch enquired as to whether or not Haytham would have carried out his threat to kill the child unless his father cooperated. After stating that Christophe's father would have been able to tell if he was bluffing, Haytham admitted that he would have killed him.



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