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Christie is a former Abstergo Industries researcher, a Templar and the main developer for the Animus, as well as mother of Yanao Seijin and descendant of Edward Kenway.


Christie was the developer of the Animus technology used by Abstergo, allowing people to experience the genetic memories of their ancestors. For this research, she abandoned her child and husband.

When Abstergo, secretly a Templar organization, attempted to obtain the location of the Observatory from the genetic memory of her ancestor, pirate-turned-Assassin Edward Kenway, she induced a coma-like state on herself to stop them from obtaining it. While comatose, she was kept intubated to keep her alive.

When Seijin was in high school, Abstergo tricked him into becoming their subject, pretending that she invited him to test out her "game", the Animus. Here, Seijin was threatened by Irene into locating the Observatory through Kenway's genetic memories at the possible death of his comatose mother.


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