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Chouan Riddles was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno received a letter from the Assassin Council, instructing him to gather intelligence from a Chouan spy.


Arno read the letter from the Council.

  • Letter: A suspected Chouan spy is operating out of a house nearby. Find out what he knows.

Arno infiltrated the house and found a letter.

  • Letter: "My precious key, you may have for free,
    Find me at glance; I move around and dance,
    You'll be out of time, before you find my crime.

The spy and several Chouans entered the house downstairs.

  • Spy: ...and here we are. My little base of operations.
  • Chouan 1: Could stand to tidy up a bit.
  • Spy: I've been a bit busy keeping an eye on the city guard. Come, let me show you what I've been working on.
  • Chouan 1: You men wait down here.
  • Chouan 2: Aye.                                                                                                                                                  This city reeks like shit.
  • Chouan 3: I can't wait to get out of here.

The spy and one of his fellow Chouans went upstairs.

  • Spy: This is where I keep my notes.
  • Chouan 1: Your little notes have been extremely helpful in our fight for the King.
  • Spy: My pleasure. I just hope that the Monarchy can return to its rightful place.
  • Chouan 1: As do I. Earlier, you mentioned a letter?
  • Spy: Should anything happen to me, this contains coded instruction on how to unlock the chest containing all of my notes.
  • Chouan 1: I shall keep it safe.

The spy and the Chouan went downstairs to the others.

  • Chouan 3: Think this one's gonna give us anything good?
  • Chouan 2: One Parisian is like another. Can't trust them.
    Bet there isn't a church left for miles.
  • Chouan 4: Paris will be punished for its sins when this Revolution ends.
  • Spy: Help yourself to my food. My apologies that shortages leave me with only stale bread.
  • Chouan 2: Good thing there's bread aplenty in the countryside.
  • Chouan 4: If I'd wanted a nice meal, I wouldn't have come to Paris.
  • Spy: Fresh bread will return to Paris once the King returns to the throne.
  • Chouan 1: True, if only the people of this city realized that. Well, we've taken enough of your time.
  • Spy: I'll show you out the back way. Please, follow me.                                                                                Gentlemen, I bid you farewell.
  • Chouan 1: Until we meet again. Long live the King.
  • Spy: Long live the King.

One of the Chouans stayed behind to talk with the spy.

  • Spy: Well met, friend. I trust you found your way through the city easily?
  • Chouan 1: One benefit of the chaos of the Revolution.
  • Spy: Chaotic yes, and deadly. One wrong word and you've got a date with the guillotine.
  • Chouan 1: I pray for a quick end to this stupid Revolution.
  • Spy: As do I.

Arno searched the house for the key.

  • Arno: No, not here...
    No key here...
    It's not here...

Arno found the key by a clock.

  • Arno: Hah, here it is. "Time"... "Clock"... of course.

Arno unlocked the chest with the key, taking a set of notes.

  • Arno: I think this is what the Council is looking for...

Arno escaped the area.


Arno recovered the Chouan spy's intelligence for the Council.


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