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Bertrand de Poulengy and Jeanne d'Arc gazing at the fortress of Chinon

Chinon is a commune located in the Indre-et-Loire department in Centre-Val de Loire, France. The regional area is called the Touraine, which is known as the "garden of France".


Viking Expansion

By 870 CE, the remaining members of the Frankish Brotherhood of Hidden Ones who decided to stay after their official retreat in the 5th century[1] had relocated to a new bureau in Chinon. That year, the young Hidden One Oisel received a letter from Basim Ibn Ishaq, a member of the local branch of Hidden Ones in Constantinople, which asked him to retrace Basim's footsteps in the Levant, starting in Antioch.[2]

The Hundred Years War

On 6 March 1429, the 17-year-old Jeanne d'Arc,and her entourage including Gabriel Laxart, Jean de Metz, and Bertrand de Poulengy came to Chinon to meet and to acknowledge the Dauphin Charles VII as the rightful heir to the throne. After the future king was convinced by his clergymen and a letter from Robert de Baudricourt, she was allowed an audience. Entering the courtyard of Coudray Tower they dismounted, and Jeanne was approached by Antoine Moreau, who proposed she sleep with him. Disgusted at his unholy words, she foretold his demise. Making their way through the courtyard of the second main fortress, Château du Milieu, Gabriel admired the garden. Gabriel, nervous at the prospect of meeting the Dauphin, was comforted by Jeanne.[3] After she was able to meet with Charles, she proclaimed him the rightful king and Charles struck by her radiance announced to his court that she was the prophesied Maid of Lorraine.[4][5]

The next day, Gabriel and de Metz sparred together while Jeanne sparred with de Poulengy. Taking the boy aside, de Metz revealed his allegiance to the Assassins and offered to help train the boy. Gabriel cautiously accepted their offer.[5] An hour later, Jeanne and de Poulengy sparred on horseback with lances. The Dauphin then came out and introduced Duke Jean d'Alençon. Gabriel noticed the Duke could see Jeanne's radiance, leading him to believe he also had the sight.[6]



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