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Chinchorro was a naval fort controlled by the Spanish Navy during the early 18th century, until it was overrun and captured by the pirate Edward Kenway and his crew. The fort was located on a small island just east of the Mexican shoreline, near the Assassin stronghold of Tulum, in the Caribbean.

After the fort was taken from Spanish control, a harbormaster's station was built down on the docks, where Kenway was also able to accept two naval contracts from an agent representing the Dutch merchant Milo van der Graaff.

After Edward became aware of the Assassin and the several contracts they offered, a vicious pirate captain took refuge in the fort, hoping to take it over for himself. Kenway subsequently returned and killed the captain on the Assassins' behalf.


  • The fort takes its name from a nearby coral reef, Banco Chinchorro, a popular Mexican tourist attraction.


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