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Khufu and Chiera returned to Nehi

Chiera, like Khufu, was an ox belonging to Nehi, a Yamuan man who moved to Letopolis during the 1st century BCE. On his way there, the cart Nehi was driving got stuck in a ditch, and with the night, "terrible roars" could be heard. Afraid, Nehi just left his oxen and cart and fled to Letopolis. Luckily, he ran into the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, who agreed to help him.[1]

Bayek found the cart and the oxen with the bandits who'd claimed them. The Medjay fought off the bandits and their lions, and drove Nehi's cart into Letopolis, where the man was exalted to see his oxen alive and well.[1]



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