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"They are men of science here, undertaking a great archaeological excavation, in the name of finding sacred ruins, and discovering history."
―Jeanne describing Chichen Itza's community.[src]-[m]
Chichen Itza

A settlement in Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza, located on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, is a former Maya city, having been one of the largest of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization.

Boasting a mix of architectural styles from across the empire, the site was known to include contributions from members of the First Civilization believed to have fought on the front lines against the human rebellion.[1] As a result, the region was rich with ancient relics, leading the Templars to set up an excavation site there during the 18th century.


18th century[]

"We've already exhausted the local labor supply. I've brought workers from everywhere - as near as Cuba, and as far as New Orleans - and in total secrecy. Do you realize how complex and expensive that is?"
―Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer to one of his overseers, 1769.[src]-[m]

In 1751, Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer discovered Chichen Itza whilst searching for the precursor box, and subsequently ordered an excavation.[2] The Templars discovered proof of First Civilization artifacts being located in the caves beneath the city and subsequently organized a large-scale slave trafficking operation, bringing in workers from various locations, such as Cuba, Gorée Island and Louisiana, to live at their community and take part in the excavation of ancient ruins.[3][4] The Templars kept the slaves under their thumb through false promises and threats of harsh punishments; despite this, most workers still seemed largely content with their living conditions.[5]

A New Life 2

Slaves being welcomed at Chichen Itza

In 1769, the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré, having noticed the disappearances of slaves and vagrants in her native city of New Orleans, traveled to Chichen Itza to discover the extent of the Templars' plans.[5] Whilst there, she uncovered evidence that her mother, Jeanne, had been living in the settlement and discovered a map leading to an artifact hidden deep within a cenote.[6]

Unearthing a fragment of the Prophecy Disk inside a chamber constructed by the First Civilization, Aveline was then confronted by de Ferrer, the dig site's leader. Despite being outnumbered, she defeated de Ferrer's guards and killed him, thus liberating the community in Chichen Itza from Templar influence.[7]

However, another Templar by the name of Diego Vázquez later intended to reclaim the work site, causing Aveline to return to Chichen Itza in 1772.[8] There, she made peace with her mother, who had previously fled in fear of her daughter, and decided to retrieve the second half of the Prophecy Disk. Aveline used a canoe to further explore the cenote and came across another room built by the First Civilization, where she recovered the final piece of the artifact. Following this, she attempted to convince her mother to return to New Orleans, though Jeanne refused, settling to look after Chichen Itza's newly formed community instead.[9]

Modern times[]

Due to the Templars' excavation efforts, many relics of minor importance, such as Shards and Rings, were uncovered; as a collection they provided Abstergo Industries with an accurate representation of life preceding the Toba catastrophe. Although Chichen Itza is under federal protection, being a popular tourist attraction, the company intends to do further research once they secure an agreement with the Mexican government.[1]


AC3L Chichen Itza Camp

Overlook of the Chichen Itza settlement

A small community set in a tropical jungle, the settlement in Chichen Itza housed several notable landmarks, including the Platform of Venus, the Platform of the Eagles and Jaguars, the Great Ball Court and the Pyramid of Kukulkan. Aside from these remnants of Mayan civilization, the community was largely made up of simple cottages and tents, though a more opulent mansion and a small church were also present.[5]

As well as this, Chichen Itza was home to a complex system of underground caves and cenotes, which hid large, technologically advanced chambers once used by the First Civilization. These were usually protected by either traps or unusual defense mechanisms.[7]


  • The layout of the work site's main area in the HD remake differed from that in the original PS Vita iteration, with the church and several huts having been moved into different positions.
  • While Aveline's notoriety could be raised in Chichen Itza, no means were available to lower it again.
  • Despite Templar influence having been removed with the death of de Ferrer in 1769, Spanish guards could still be found in the settlement afterwards.




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