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Chest Capture in Pienza

Chest Capture was a virtual training mode in the first and second stage of the Animi Training Program, which consisted of two alternating rounds, where one team of Abstergo recruits protected chests while the other team's goal was to steal them.


In Chest Capture, two teams of three to four recruits were assigned, with one team protecting and another hunting the chests. It was the protectors' responsibility to not let any hunters near to their chests, earning points from any kills they made.

As their compass was scrambled whenever they resided near to their chests, protectors were required to use their observation skills to pick out any hunters and kill them, unless they distanced themselves from the chest they were guarding, enabling their compass to indicate a hunter once more. However, to aid them while they were near to the chests, the portrait picture displaying the hunting team's Animi Avatar glowed when they came into the line of sight.

On the other end, the hunters were aware of the location of all three chests at all times, and had to stand inside of the chest's radius in order to capture it, with added hunters in the radius increasing the speed of the capture. Since the radius of the chest was not limited to height, capturing a chest from hanging on a ledge was also possible.

To protect themselves, the hunters could stun the chests' protectors, and once all three chests had been captured, new ones were synchronized, usually in different locations.


  • As a mode, Chest Capture was one of the most useful to obtain the "Needle in a Haystack" achievement, as chests were often located near to haystacks, allowing a protector to ambush chest hunters as they approached.