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This article is about the captain in Siwa. You may be looking for Khufu, the pharaoh also known by his Hellenized name, Cheops.

Cheops (died 48 BCE) was the captain of the Coral Escarpment Camp, one of two military compounds operated by the soldiers of Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII deployed to Siwa. A superstitious man, his fear of phantoms kept him from investigating the Amanai Hill seized by bandits to extort money from the farmers of Siwa.


In either 49 BCE or 48 BCE, Cheops was deployed to the remote village of Siwa under orders by Ptolemy XIII to serve as one of two captains for a new garrison there. Along with the appointment of Medunamun of the Order of the Ancients as the Oracle of Amun in Siwa, Cheops was to consolidate Ptolemy's control over the village. He was given command of the Coral Escarpment Camp situated on the east side of the village at the foot of the Amanai Hill to the north.[1]

Around that same time, bandits seized control of the Amanai Cave which held a fresh water spring vital to farmers of Siwa, a development that escaped the knowledge of Cheops. The captain did, however, catch glimpses of humanoid silhouettes on top of Amanai Hill. Although the hill was disconnected from the Mountain of the Dead and therefore not a part of Siwa's necropolis, Cheops had an overwhelming anxiety that all the surrounding hills were haunted by spirits. The silhouettes stoked his paranoia of ghosts and demons, but his fears kept him from venturing up the hill to verify himself.[1]

As a result, he delegated the task to his soldiers, but his hysteria had spread among them, and none had any more courage than him even when Cheops threatened to prohibit alcohol for a week. In response, they complained that it would have to be at least a month to be worth the risk.[1] This granted the bandits free reign over the village spring until they were finally ousted by the returning Medjay Bayek.[2] One of Cheop's last orders was to one of his patrols who had not yet received the details of this incident. The captain commanded this squad to scout out the hill even if it meant sacrificing their souls to hellish phantoms. In the end, Cheops was killed not by any paranormal creature, but by Bayek when the Medjay infiltrated the camp to assassinate him and extinguish the base.[1]




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