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ACO Chenzira

Chenzira in c. 49 BCE

Chenzira was a villager of Siwa, Egypt who lived in the 1st century BCE alongside his older brother, Fenuku, and their mother, Rebecca. They were close to the family of Bayek, the Medjay of Siwa, and especially his son, Khemu.

Chenzira's friendship with Khemu led him to be captured by the Order of the Ancients in 49 BCE, forcing him to divulge the location of Khemu as a lead to Bayek. A year later, an adventure to visit a hyena den by the Mountain of the Dead with Fenuku went awry when the two were attacked by the returning animals. Herded inside the hill, Chenzira hid in the tomb until he was rescued by Bayek shortly afterwards.


A child growing up in the remote village of Siwa, Egypt in 49 BCE, Chenzira enjoyed spending time playing with his friend Khemu, the son of Siwa's Medjay Bayek. On one occasion, Chenzira told Khemu that he should steal feathers of Senu, Bayek's companion eagle, as to ensure Khemu's passage into the Field of Reeds.[1]

Soon after, on the fateful day of Khemu's death, Chenzira discovered a hyena cave. Excited, he ran to find Khemu, then training archery with his father on a hill, and invited him to visit the cave with him. Initially interested, Khemu declined when Chenzira mentioned that he had counted about as many as sixteen hyenas in the den. This prompted Bayek to suggest going on a real hunt with Khemu; eager to participate, Chenzira accompanied the two up until Bayek brought them to the ibex pack that was the target of the hunt. It was then that Bayek dismissed Chenzira by reminding him that his mother was waiting for him back home.[1]

Death of Khemu

The boy therefore left for home, parting by telling Khemu that they would see one another again at an upcoming ceremony. It was not to be, however, as Chenzira was accosted not long afterwards by soldiers of the Order of the Ancients. They demanded him to direct them to Bayek, assuring him that they only meant to speak with him. Initially convinced — though a captive — Chenzira brought them to Halma Point where Bayek was encouraging his son to take his first Leap of Faith. It was at that point that Chenzira screamed for help, alerting Bayek to their presence. The soldiers overwhelmed Bayek and knocked him unconscious, and that night, Khemu was killed when the Order of the Ancients tried to force the Medjay and his son to open the Siwa Vault,[1] an event that Chenzira would feel guilty for in the years to come.[2]

Hiding in the Mountain of the Dead

The following year, Chenzira, still excited over the hyena den he had previously found on the side of the Mountain of the Dead, invited his brother Fenuku to visit it again and marvel at the hyena skulls. They planned to do so while the hyenas were away, only to have the pack return while they were still there. In the ensuing panic, the two fled in opposite directions: Chenzira into the tomb while Fenuku to its opposite entrance. Within the tomb, Chenzira hoped to hide until the hyenas had left, but his disappearance worried his brother.[2]

ACOD Hideaway - Bayek Finding Chenzira

Chenzira found by Bayek in the tomb

Fortunately for him, Bayek had returned to Siwa after a year abroad hunting Rudjek, one of the members of the Order of the Ancients responsible for his son's death.[3] The Medjay chanced upon Fenuku outside who informed him of Chenzira's plight, and soon after, Bayek found Chenzira, navigated the tomb to him, and escorted him out. The exit they took happened to lead directly to the hyena den, however, forcing the Medjay to slay all of the hyenas. His life saved, the grateful Chenzira returned home where, as assured by Bayek, Fenuku expected his brother to take the responsibility of explaining to their parents about the misadventure.[2]

Personality and characteristics

With a fascination for adventure, Chenzira was often the one to drag his friends and brother into dangerous schemes. He was brave compared to his peers, neither minding the perils of visiting a hyena den nor panicking at the prospect of hiding alone in a tomb. Proud of this trait, he contrasted it with the timidness of Khemu, who tended to be apprehensive of his plans.[1] Nevertheless, Chenzira's fearlessness led him to have a penchant for endangering his life and those who followed him, and he had a knack for recklessness.[2]

He was not immune to intimidation, however. As a mere child held hostage by the Order of the Ancients, he was frightened into giving them the benefit of the doubt as to their purpose for seeking the Medjay. After that incident, he would come to feel a sense of culpability in Khemu's demise as the one to had helped the Order locate Bayek.[2]




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