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Cheaters Never Prosper was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


On winning the previous three challenges, the final event involved Ezio Auditore competing in a fighting championship, where the only rule was that all competitors remained unarmed while participating.



Announcer instructing Ezio

Ezio approached the host of the final game.

  • Host: Benvenuti, lottatori (Welcome, fighters)! The game is simple. There's only one rule: no weapons. Fight until you are the last man left standing. Will it be you? O tu (Or you)? Hmm? Who will win the Golden Mask?

Ezio entered into the ring.

  • Host: Let's bring out the next contender!

The first challenger entered the ring, but they were defeated by Ezio.

  • Host: Who else wishes to compete?!

Another opponent entered and was knocked out by Ezio.

  • Host: Do we have another challenger?

A Brute entered the ring and challenged Ezio, and while he put up some resistance, Ezio soon defeated him.

  • Silvio: Looks like this one thinks himself some kind of campione (champion). Go on, Dante. Show him how sadly mistaken he is.

Dante Moro entered the ring and fought Ezio, but despite his confidence, Ezio persevered.

  • Host: Is there nobody else to challenge our man in the ring? Do we have a winner?

Silvio Barbarigo whispered into the host's ear and passed him a bag of florins.

  • Host: Ah! We have combatants!

Four armed Agile guards walked forth.

  • Ezio: So that's how it's going to be, eh?

The guards all attacked, though Ezio used weapons (his own or disarmed) to kill them all. With all opposition down, Ezio completed the final challenge.

CNP 10

Dante Moro receiving the Golden Mask

  • Host: Signore e Signori (Ladies and gentlemen)! The games of Carnevale have come to a glorious conclusion. Come see our winner claim his Golden Mask! Our winner has proven himself the fleetest of foot, the strongest of champions, the wisest strategist, and clearly a favorite of the ladies! With four games won lealmente (fair and square), the winner of the Golden Mask is–

Silvio coughed loudly.

  • Host: The winner of the Golden Mask is... Dante Moro!

Dante walked onstage and claimed the mask.

  • Silvio: Congratulations. We'll see you this evening.

The host handed Dante the Golden Mask.


Due to foul play on Silvio Barbarigo's part, Ezio failed to win the Golden Mask, and Carnevale's games came to an end.



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