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Chauvelin is the name of a member of the Swiss guard who operated in Paris in the last decade of the 18th century. During the French Revolution, he led an attack on the Crimson Rose and his royalist organization, the Crimson League.[1]

The Reign of Terror saw many of the Crimson Rose's compatriots sent to the guillotine, which he endeavored against, saving them through his secret organization, the Crimson League. Rumors of his success spread soon after. Chauvelin was put on case to track him down and kill the Crimson Rose. Therefore, Chauvelin orchestrated an ambush during a soirée on the Rose's home: the Hôtel Fieubet.[1]

The ambush was carried out, but without success. The Assassin Arno Dorian intervened, and the ambush was stopped. Chauvelin, not letting the Crimson Rose get away, began to chase the man. Following the aristocrat out in the streets of Paris, Chauvelin was soon caught up by Arno. Chauvelin was killed, and the League could carry out their business.[1]

Later, however, Arno discovered the fact that the Crimson Rose and the other members of the League—such as the comte de Choisy—were all Templars. Arno killed all the members, and in this way carrying out Chauvelin's task.[1]





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