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Chasing Phantoms was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Eppie tasked Kassandra to recover the stele piece in the Tomb of Orion.


Kassandra travelled to the Tomb of Orion. Inside the tomb, she found a man lying next to an altar, injured.

  • Aristomachos: Whatever you're after, you're too late. They're all gone... dead or mad.
  • Kassandra: I don't understand. Who did this to you?
  • Aristomachos: I don't understand it myself. My brethen and I were drawn to this place, but madness took over. We fought over the artifact. One of them grabbed it and ran.
  • Kassandra: Grabbed the stele?
  • Aristomachos: Search the caves. That's where they'll be hiding. Beware though, they're beyond reason.
ACOD Chasing Phantoms 3

Kassandra arriving at the cave

As the man succumbed to his wounds, Kassandra left the tomb and headed up hill, searching for the nearby caves. She entered one of the caves and found the deceased man's brethen. After killing them, she recovered the stele and a waistband from one of the bodies.

  • Kassandra: Was the stele influencing them in some way?

Kassandra departed the cave and returned to Eppie in the Mycenaean tomb behind the Cave of the Oracle. She handed over the stele.

ACOD Chasing Phantoms 4

Kassandra returning to Eppie

  • Kassandra: There may be some truth in this lore.
  • Eppie: Ugh! Is that blood on it?
  • Kassandra: It's otherwise undamaged. There are people claiming that it speaks to them. What could do that?
  • Eppie: Strange. I don't hear anything. Do you?
  • Kassandra: Words of madmen... Perhaps the next pieces will tell us more.
  • Eppie: This one needs a good cleaning... Let's hope the remaining ones are fine.

(Accept – I'll search for the steles.)

  • Kassandra: I'll search for the remaining steles.
  • Eppie: My peers will finally listen to what I have to say.
    It says the ritual will activate something. But what? What will happen when we have all of the pieces? Will it lead to a treasure? Some of the translations is lost on me. This passage speaks of worth.
  • Kassandra: Hmm... What else?
  • Eppie: Um. This passage mentions something about "inner vision." But... the meaning is unclear.
  • Kassandra: It's almost translated. Why aren't you happy?
  • Eppie: You tell me others are hearing things. They think it speaks to them. Yet I hear nothing. I feel nothing.

  • Kassandra: This is an important find. You said so yourself. Why does it matter what others say or feel?
  • Eppie: I know. I see that it's important from a logical perspective. But what if I can't experience it? And this mention of worth... What if it means I'm not worthy?
  • Kassandra: What if the gods are not worthy of us? Look. We aren't done yet, right? So wait and see.
  • Eppie: You're right.

  • Kassandra: It's natural to have doubts. You've convinced me that this search for the past has a value beyond drachmae.
  • Eppie: That makes me happy. I just can't help but wonder what the gods think of me.
  • Kassandra: I think what's important is what you think of yourself.
  • Eppie: Thank you, hero.

  • Kassandra: Time to dust yourself off and focus.
  • Eppie: You're right.
  • Kassandra: We should carry on.
  • Eppie: There are two locations to explore this time. There's a temple in the City of Orchomenos. It's near the harbor. The other stele is difficult to pinpoint. There are ruins along the coastline, near the altar for Iphigenia.
  • Kassandra: All right, then. And cheer up. We're almost done.


Kassandra helped Eppie to retrieve the stele piece from the Tomb of Orion, agreeing to help him locate more.



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