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Chasing Lee was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor went to Boston to find and assassinate Charles Lee.


Connor entered the Green Dragon Tavern and was approached by Catherine Kerr.

  • Catherine: Need something, darling?
  • Connor: No.
  • Catherine: Rude.

Connor joined one of the mercenaries at a table.

  • Mercenary: Can I help you?
  • Connor: You know you can.
  • Mercenary: Pardon?

Connor grabbed his arm.

ACIII-Chasinglee 2

Connor interrogating one of Lee's mercenaries

  • Mercenary: Ow!  Geez...
  • Connor: I do not like having my time wasted.
  • Mercenary: S-stop that. D-don't make me call the guards.
  • Connor: Make a sound and you die.
  • Mercenary: What do you want? He's in the harbor. At the long pier, most likely. We heard what happened at the parade. Charles got all nervous – said he was leaving the country. I thought he was overreacting. Guess not.
  • Connor: Thank you.

Connor then went to the harbor, where a chase between Charles and Connor ensued. Due to a collapsing plank, Connor eventually fell, during which a wooden pole pierced his side.

  • Charles: Why do you persist...? You put us down. We rise again. You end one plot – we forge another. You try so hard... But it always ends the same. Those who know you think you mad and this is why... Even those men you sought to save have turned their backs on you. Yet you fight. You resist. Why?
ACIII-Chasinglee 7

Lee escaping from the burning ship

  • Connor: Because no one else will!

Connor shot Charles, but he still managed to escape. Connor regained consciousness sometime later, and met the harbormaster.

  • Harbormaster: Rough night, was it? He headed inland. Took a ferry up the Charles River.
  • Connor: I will need passage as well.
  • Harbormaster: Of course. Only say the word.

Connor traveled to the Last Drink Inn in Monmouth, where he confronted a wounded Lee and quietly sat down next to him. After being offered a drink by Lee, Connor finished him by stabbing him in the chest, before taking his amulet.

Six months later, Connor returned to his home of Kanatahséton and found it abandoned, though his people had left their Crystal Ball behind.

  • Connor: Why would they leave this behind?
  • Juno: Ah, long have we waited for you to return. You have done as we asked. You have succeeded.
  • Connor: No. I have failed! My people are gone! Chased out by those who I thought would protect them!
  • Juno: It is a trade. A sacrifice. And not in vain. For you have found it.
Connor Nexus

Juno instructing Connor to hide the key

  • Connor: This?
  • Juno: Now you must hide it. Where none shall think to look. And then in time, in time, what once was shall be again.
  • Connor: I do not understand.
  • Juno: Nor need you. Only do as we ask. Then, you may do as you wish.
  • Connor: But what of my people?
  • Juno: You have saved this place. As was your people's purpose. And that matters most.
  • Connor: It is not enough!
  • Juno: It will never be enough. You strive for that which does not exist. Still you have made a difference. And you will do so again. Remember, you must hide the amulet where none might find it.

The Crystal Ball crumbled into ash, and Connor returned to the Davenport Homestead, where he buried the amulet in the grave of Connor Davenport.


Connor assassinated Lee, thus eliminating the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order and temporarily liberating of their influence the fledgling United States. Accompanying this, he hid the Grand Temple Key for his descendant Desmond Miles to find, despite not knowing of its recipient.



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