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The Courtesan running through a trap door

The term chase breakers was given to integrated tools available for use in the Animi Training Program, that allowed certain individuals an advantage during a chase, usually by delaying a pursuer or disallowing them from following.

During the console stage of the Animus games console created by Abstergo Entertainment, chase breakers took three to five seconds to reset, and became open for use by a different participant afterwards.[1][2] However, those in hidden locations became permanently locked after they were activated by Agile guards.[3]


Merchandise lifts

Ezio Auditore using a lift

Lifts consisted of a rope and pulley system, which allowed one to travel quickly from street level up to the rooftops.

Each lift was made up of a rope attached to a suspended weight (usually some bricks bundled in a net), which extended from the ground level to a pulley at the top of a beam. The rope was held in place by a lever that dropped the weight upon release, and allowed one to grab onto the rope and be pulled to the top of a building.

Lifts could be found in Rome, Monteriggioni,[1] and Constantinople during the Renaissance,[4] in Boston and New York during the American Revolution,[2] or in the modern era.[1] While using a lift, however, it caused the weight to fall, which made the lift unusable. In this instance, the chase breaker could be reset by vacating the area for an extended period of time.

In Abstergo Industries' Animus training program and entertainment console, lifts functioned in the same manner, though the weight would not break upon being dropped, rising slowly back into position instead.[1][2]

Trap doors

Trap doors consisted of one or more sets of gates, portcullises, or doors within a building that would automatically close once a person ran through them, effectively distancing and stopping any other from following. After 3 to 5 seconds, they would reopen for others to use.

Occasionally, if one was close enough to their target, they would still be able to assassinate them just as they entered the gates, with the doors closing behind them both.

Also, certain trap doors came in sets of two or more, allowing a player to enter through one and exit in several possible directions. However, if two people entered each end of a trap door corridor at once, they would both be temporarily trapped; which could prove problematic, particularly if one was the pursuer of the other.[1]

Crumbling platforms

When an individual jumped over a crumbling beam or platform, they would disintegrate, allowing whoever used them to gain an advantage over their pursuer by distancing themselves. However, if they did not leave the platform quickly enough, they would fall, with the platform also dropping beneath their feet.[1]

Corner helpers

The Courtesan swinging from a corner-mounted chase breaker

Corner helpers came in the form of flowerpots, lanterns, or miniature chandeliers, and were chase breakers that allowed whoever used them to disappear from any pursuing enemy's line of sight for a few seconds, as they swung on them to turn to a corner.[1]

When used with the Hookblade or enough momentum, the person would be able to propel themselves forward, instead of swinging around the corner.[4]


As a chase breaker, chandeliers were only featured in the Animi Training Program map, Castel Gandolfo, despite being installed within Alhambra.[1] Chandeliers worked similarly to crumbling platforms, and would drop to the ground a moment after being used.[4]

Snow drifts

Certain natural elements could also be used as chase breakers, with snow drifts blocking the route of any pursuers once they had been entered into by an individual. These types of chase breakers could be prominently seen in the Northwest Passage Animus location.[2]