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Charles W. Sandford (May 5, 1796 – July 25, 1878) was an American general, lawyer and businessman. He was a senior officer in the New York State Militia for over thirty years and commanded the First Division in every major civil disturbance in New York City up until the American Civil War, most notably, the draft riots in 1863.

A Templar of the American Rite, Sandford was in league with the infamous "Tweed Ring", a group of corrupt officials which was lead by Grand Master William M. Tweed.

In 1863, despite the General not being present at the meeting to finalize their plans for the riots, Tweed assured the other members of the ring that Sandford would play his part. Indeed during the riots, Sandford purposefully hindered the efforts to stop the rioters, by holding back the troops under his command.


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