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"I am invited to England to receive my crown. I must prepare for my return. There are many things I must do once I am there. Many wrongs I must right!"
―Charles, shortly before returning to England, 1660.[src]

Charles II (1630 – 1685), born Charles Stuart, was King of Scotland, England, and Ireland from 1660 until his death, and succeeded the republican government of Oliver Cromwell. He once fought against the Roundhead forces of Cromwell to try and take back his throne. He was also the third king of the House of Stuart.


In 1651, Charles II led his army into the Battle of Worcester, hoping to defeat Oliver Cromwell's army and take back the throne of England. However, his army was heavily outnumbered by Cromwell. Charles II and his army were eventually overwhelmed and forced into retreat, ending the English Civil War.[1]

Charles II and his loyal followers dressed up as commoners and went into hiding. Eventually, Charles II boarded a ship to France. During his time in Breda, he constantly received letters from an anonymous person in England, who kept him posted on their progress of regaining the throne for Charles. The last letter told of General George Monck having recaptured the throne and Parliament proclaiming Charles II king, after which he traveled back to England.[1]

He returned to London on his birthday and was crowned king at Westminster Abbey a year later. During the coronation, he saw General Monck speaking with a man holding a sphere covered in a piece of cloth. However, before he could get a better look, he had to bow his head to receive his crown.