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"Your father was an Assassin, Arno. He gave his life fighting for the liberty of all mankind."
―Pierre Bellec describing Charles to his son, 1789.[src]

Charles Dorian (died 1776) was a member of the French Brotherhood of Assassins. Formerly apprenticed to Master Assassin Pierre Bellec, Charles was entrusted with protecting an ancient artifact known as the Precursor box in 1776, but was assassinated shortly after. He is an ancestor of Callum Lynch.[1]

His son, Arno, later followed in his father's footsteps and became a notable figure of the Brotherhood during the French Revolution, eventually gaining the rank of Master Assassin himself.


Charles was born into a minor noble house and also an old Assassin family.[2] At some point before 1768, Charles married an Austrian woman named Marie, and the two eventually had a son called Arno. As his ancestors, Charles had joined the Assassin Order and was trained by Pierre Bellec, a future member of the Assassin Council. During his training, Charles also learned of the Colonial Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, who had dealt a striking blow to the Colonial Templars during the American Revolutionary War.[3]

While on a mission, Charles came into conflict with a Templar. Bellec came to his aid and killed the assailant, giving Charles his pocket watch afterwards, and told him to return home to his son.[3]

However, once Marie discovered Charles' allegiance to the Assassins, she left him, leaving Charles to raise Arno by himself. During this period of Arno's early childhood, Charles took him traveling around Europe and North Africa.[4]

In 1776, Charles, accompanied by Arno, attended an Assassin meeting at the Palace of Versailles.[5] Pretending to be wool merchants gathering for a business meeting, the Assassins entrusted Charles with protecting the Precursor box.[6]

However, as Charles searched for his son following the meeting, he was assassinated by the Templar Shay Cormac. As he died, Charles told Shay that the American Revolution had undone the Templars' work in the newly-formed United States of America. Shay suggested that the Templars could stage another revolution, in order to restore the balance of power between the two factions. As Shay disappeared from the scene, Charles collapsed onto the floor, dead.[6]

Following Charles' murder, Arno was adopted by the Templar Grand Master François de la Serre.[5] In order to cope with the loss of his father, Arno would write letters to Charles, at the suggestion of de la Serre.[7]


  • Charles' watch possessed an engraved Assassin insignia on its cover. Additionally, he carried a pendant at his chest in the shape of the insignia.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Rogue, Charles Dorian is the only assassination target of Shay who does not share his last words with him in the Memory Corridor. As well, he is the one of the two assassination targets of who does not have a database entry in the game along with Le Chasseur.