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A chariot is a type of two-wheeled vehicle pulled by domesticated horses. Chariots were widely used in Classical antiquity by armies as transport or as archery platforms.


Chariots were said to be introduced by the Hittites, a major rival of Egypt for dominance over the Middle East. Since its introduction, it has been used in warfares by countries throughout the Mediterranean and West Asia.

During the 1st century BCE, chariots races were common in Egypt and often took in place in the Lageion Hippodrome in Kanopos. The Medjay Bayek also used chariots as a form of transportation.

Ptolemaic Egypt (1st Century BCE)

Image Name Description Availability
Scout Chariot Light and versatile, this vehicle is used for scouting missions and for chasing down fleet-footed enemies. Though its price is fair, it is nevertheless too expensive for all but noblemen and the richest of merchants. Stables
War Chariot The durable war chariot is the most common in Egypt. Stables
Royal Chariot Royal chariots are reserved to the greatest of the elite. Reinforced with shields, they offer sturdy protection to their riders, and their intimidating presence saps enemy morale. Stables