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This article is about the memory of Evie Frye. You may be looking for the memory of Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

Change of Plans was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Evie and Henry set out to steal the plans for the vault holding the Shroud.


As Henry walked towards a man, Evie caught up with him.

  • Evie: Please tell me again where we are going.
  • Henry: I found a letter from the Prince Consort among Lucy Thorne's research. Marked with the same insignia as your key. Dated 1847.
  • Evie: 1847?
  • Henry: The same year the Prince began renovations to Buckingham Palace.
  • Evie: You think he added a vault for the Shroud!
  • Henry: And since there is no map of the palace with a room marked "secret vault"...

Henry talking with Duleep

Henry adressed the man.

  • Henry: Your Highness, may I present Ms. Evie Frye. Ms. Frye, Maharajah Duleep Singh.

Duleep and Evie bowed before one another.

  • Evie: A pleasure, Your Highness.
  • Duleep: My friend, the plans you asked for have been removed.
  • Henry: Removed? By whom?
  • Duleep: Crawford Starrick. Or someone employed by him.

Henry sunk his head in disappointment.

  • Duleep: Yes, I thought you might recognize the name. I know where they are, but it is heavily guarded.

Duleep produced a note. As Henry was about to take it, Evie stepped in and took it.

  • Evie: That part will not be a problem.

Evie left.

  • Duleep: I thought not.

Evie and Henry planning

From a rooftop, Evie and Henry observed the area revealed on the note.

  • Evie: We're going to need a plan.
  • Henry: I can provide a distraction for the guards while you find a safe way inside.
  • Evie: Oh. Really?
  • Henry: For you, Evie, certainly.
  • Evie: Well... once I'm inside, I'll find someone who knows where the papers are stored...

Henry put his hand on Evie's shoulder.

Henry left to take his position on another rooftop.

  • Evie: Be careful.

Evie met with Henry.

  • Evie: What's the plan?
  • Henry: When you give the signal, I'll draw the guards into a fight and then use a smoke bomb to get away.
  • Evie: And I'll take advantage of the confusion. Ready?
  • Henry: Absolutely.

Evie sent Henry to distract the Templar guards.

  • Henry: Hey! I will put you all in jail!
    Crawford Starrick is a fool!
    Catch me at your peril!
    Are you prepared for my attack?
    An Assassin in your midst!
    Hey! I'm standing right over here! Some guards you are!
  • Templars: I've had quite enough of you!
    That way!
    I'll show you, you little meddler...
    Looks like there's a fly we need to swat.
    You're clearly asking to lose some teeth!
    You'll pipe down if you know what's good for you!
    You'll regret sticking your nose in!
    I'll have your tongue!
    Move along, you!
    I'll shut your mouth right quick!

Evie searched the chests in the area for the plans.

  • Evie: That's not them.
    Nothing here.
    Looks like I'll have to ask someone where the plans are.

Evie grabbed a nearby Templar from behind.

  • Templar 1: I swear, Miss, I don't know where they've taken him.
  • Evie: Taken who?
  • Templar 1: The man dressed like you. The guards dragged him off...
  • Evie: Henry. The plans you stole, where are they?
  • Templar 1: I don't know anything about that!
  • Evie: The plans... The mission...

Evie searched for clues regarding Henry's disappearance, finding a group of dead guards and a set of footprints indicating that the owner was carrying someone.

  • Girl: Ms. Frye!
  • Evie: You're some of Clara's children.
  • Girl: They took Mr. Henry! We couldn't stop 'em!
  • Boy: I bit one of them good, though!
  • Girl: They dragged him off in a red carriage.
  • Boy: They won't get far, though. One wheel looked like it was about ready to fall off. You can see the cart tracks - it looks all wobbly-like.

Evie followed the tracks left by the Templars' carriage.

  • Evie: That cart's been run off the road. They must be driving quickly.
    They're knocking people over, too.
    And destruction of public property. I must be on the right track.
    That must be the carriage. Found you! Now to find Henry.

On finding the carriage, Evie investigated the area around it and spoke with several witnesses.

  • Merchant 1: Yeah, I saw them draggin' someone out of the carriage after the wheel fell off. They said he'd hit his head. Not sure why they needed to take him to the church, but that's where they went.
  • Merchant 2: I don't know anything about the carriage, but there's been some strange happenings around here today. All kinds of unsavory types wandering around. Armed to the teeth. I don't like it one bit.
  • Merchant 3: Yes, they pulled someone out of that carriage. Dead drunk, he was. They carried him into the church yard. Maybe he wanted a quiet place to sleep it off.
  • Monk: I could have sworn I'd locked this gate... This is supposed to be locked! Bloody urchins opened it again, no doubt.

Evie entered the sewers underneath and found Henry in Templar captivity.

  • Evie: Henry.
  • Templar 2: Is he coming around?
  • Templar 3: I dunno... we knocked him around pretty good. Wouldn't be surprised if it took a while...
  • Templar 2: Well, I hope you haven't addled his brain.
  • Templar 4: He's an Assassin! How much more addled can he get?
  • Templar 2: Why did you bring him here?
  • Templar 4: The man's an Assassin. We didn't want him getting away before you had a chance to question him, now did we?
  • Templar 2: He was more secure where he was before! I told you not to come here!

Evie killed the Templars and freed Henry.

  • Henry: Evie, they sent someone to move the architectural plans. Do you have them?
  • Evie: Did they hurt you?
  • Henry: I'm fine.
  • Evie: Let's go.

Evie and Henry escaping the sewers

Evie and Henry made their way out of the sewers.

  • Henry: What about the plans?
  • Evie: The plans are lost.
  • Henry: Evie, I'm sorry.
  • Evie: Just concentrate on escaping, please!

Escaping the sewers, they fought through more Templars.

  • Evie: Gunmen on the rooftops!

They escaped into an alley, where Henry clutched his head wound.

  • Evie: Get Ms. Nightingale to look at that. I must find the vault before Starrick secures the Shroud.
  • Henry: We'll talk to the Maharajah again.
  • Evie: I will talk to the Maharajah, you will get your head looked at.
  • Henry: I'm sorry my capture has undone your plans.
  • Evie: You'd be safer on the train.
  • Henry: Even if you find the vault, you can't just walk into Buckingham Palace alone.
  • Evie: I won't be alone! I'll see you back at the train, Mr. Green.

Evie left.


After choosing to rescue Henry from the Templars, Evie was unable to secure the plans for the vault. As a result, the field work partnership between the two ended.



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