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"Sparta has its army, and Boeotia has its legends. They're a symbol of what this place used to be."

The Champions of Boeotia was a group of Boeotian men and women who had sworn to serve their land, and by their mere presence improved the morale of their compatriots and inspired them.


The champions were each a legendary character, famed for their skills as much among their brethren as among their enemies, with songs sung about them among Boeotians.[1]

By the time of the Peloponnesian War, a woman called Deianeira had risen to be considered one of the Champions, and even as their central figure. As also a member of the Heroes of the Cult branch of the Cult of Kosmos, under Deianeira's influence the other Champions changed from protectors to terrorists, frightening anyone who opposed them, including Boeotians.[1] When Athenian forces marched into Boeotia, the Boeotians, including the Champions, agreed to a temporary alliance with Athens.[2]

When a man from the City of Orchomenos, Abreas, opposed the alliance and openly accused the Champions of betrayal and disloyalty, especially Deianeira, she drew him out into the open and killed him as a warning to others.[3]

Despite the fear the Champions inspired, or maybe because of it, when the Spartan army came to Boeotia they could learn only about the location of two of the Champions, Aristaios and Nesaia. When the misthios Kassandra, the half-sister of the polemarch Stentor, was sent to Boetia by King Archidamos to Stentor's dismay, he charged her to kill the Champions, believing she'd die trying.[2]

One after the other, all the Champions fell to Kassandra's blade. Following their demise, the Spartan army clashed with the Athenians, and won.[2]



  • In the novel Nesaia is the only member of the group to appear but as an Athenian army captain rather than a Boeotian champion.



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