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A chakram

The chakram is a circular, bladed throwing weapon of Indian origin.


In design, the chakram is a simple metal circle that is open in the middle, much like an enlarged bracelet, which ranges from four to twelve inches in diameter. The circumference of the weapon is entirely sharpened, allowing it to cut at any point along its outer edge.

Although primarily intended as a throwing weapon, it could also be wielded for hand-to-hand combat. They were traditionally forged from brass or steel, and like other Indian weapons such as the talwar, could be quite ornate, boasting elegant engravings or inlaid with brass, silver, or gold.[1]

While they can be used to kill, chakrams have a diverse range of applications, as demonstrated by the Indian Brotherhood of Assassins. In stealth operations, their agents relied on chakrams to sever the lines between alarm bells, create diversions by striking chimes and other noisy instruments from afar, and cut ropes—such as to bridges—for the purposes of navigation.[2]


Utilized by Indian warriors throughout the history of their civilization, chakrams were also employed by Assassins of the Indian Brotherhood generally as a substitute for the throwing knives more typical of Assassins from other cultures. Throughout his missions from 1839 to 1841, the Assassin Arbaaz Mir regularly carried chakrams to aid in navigation and to create diversions when sneaking past enemies.[2]