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Cesare Borgia was an altered representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Cesare Borgia: Well, well. My tormentor has finally shown himself.
  • Ezio: You are one to speak of torment.
  • Cesare Borgia: And you are one to preach! We are the same, you and I. Two men carrying out the dying wishes of their fathers.
  • Ezio: Only one of ours fathers died by the hand of their son.
  • Cesare Borgia: A slanderous lie.
  • Ezio: I was there. I saw it with my own eyes.
  • Cesare Borgia: So you admit to both hallucinations and trespassing!
  • Ezio: Nothing of the sort.
  • Cesare Borgia: You continue to delude yourself. I suppose it's no greater delusion than believing you could best me in combat.
  • Ezio: Only one of us shall live through this day, Cesare, and it will not be you.
  • Cesare Borgia: Ha! If you insist upon death, I will not deny you. I will await your challenge.


  • Cesare Borgia: You fool, Ezio! You should have known better!
  • Ezio: You will die by my hand, Cesare. Not today, it seems, but soon.
  • Cesare Borgia: I am the greatest fighter to have ever lived! No one can murder me!
  • Ezio: That arrogance will be your undoing.



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