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ACU Ceremonial partisan

Ceremonial partisan

The ceremonial partisan was a gilded partisan that served as one of the deadliest polearms of the Parisian Brotherhood of Assassins during the French Revolution.


As a partisan, the ceremonial partisan consisted of a long shaft mounted by a large spearhead whose base curved outwards as protrusions on either side.[1] These protrusions, flanking either side of the spearpoint, served to parry sword strikes.[2] Aside from this, the weapon also incorporated a miniature double-sided battle axe embedded in the shaft just beneath the spearhead. Gilded and ornate, the partisan was ostensibly designed for ceremonial purposes. It was, however, one of the deadliest weapons in Paris during the French Revolution, with only the pike hammer employed by the Assassins matching the defense it offered and the keenness of its blade.[1]


During the French Revolution, the ceremonial partisan was among the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of the Parisian Brotherhood of Assassins. At this time in Paris, it was valued at 125,000 francs.[1]

Weapon statistics

Level Damage Parry Speed Range Cost Modifiers
* * * * * 8 8 3 4 125,000₣ Additional damage: +25%



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