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Cerberos, also spelled Cerberus, is a mythical multi-headed dog who guards the gates to the Underworld in Greek mythology.



The fame of the creature survived into the Greek mythology as the hound of Hades, set to guard the Greek underworld to prevent the dead from fleeing back to the land of the living.[1]

The last of Herakles' twelve labours was to subdue and take back Cerberos from the underworld.[1]


ACOD FoA ToH Guardian of the Gates 03

The Cerberos confronting Kassandra

In a simulation created by the Isu Aletheia, the dog Ros was transformed into the creature by Persephone after she threw an artifact into a well for Ros to fetch. Cerberos confronted the misthios Kassandra, who was tossed through the well by Persephone, and was later defeated by her. As she does so, she took out the artifact from Ros' collar, effectively killing him.[2]

Influence and legacy

During the Peloponnesian War, a triplet of brothers called themselves the Cerberus on the island of Kos. Around the same time, the misthios Kassandra found sails and finery bearing the depiction of Cerberos' heads for the ship Adrestia in the sunken depths of Pavlopetri.[1]

Meanwhile, the Greek seas were roamed by ships displaying likeness of Cerberos on their sails. The pirate ships Shadowed Nymph and Hekate's Grace unfurled their sails while advancing on their targets.[1]

One of Layla Hassan's Animus modifications allowed Kassandra to obtain a harness said to have been from scraps of Cerberos' fur.[1]


  • Typhon is often considered the father of Cerberos, making him a sibling to other monstrous creatures in Greek mythology, including the Nemean Lion, the Lernaean Hydra, the Theban Sphinx, and the Chimera.
  • The etymological origin of the name Cerberos is contested; however one theory is that it's derived from a Proto-Indo-European root for 'spot'. Other theories include PIE root meaning 'to growl', and the Greek words meaning 'flesh-devouring', and 'evil of the pit'.




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