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"Give it time, little lord."
―Randvi's advice to Ceolbert[src][[ [citation needed] |-[m]]]

Ceolbert (c. 856 – c. 873) was a Mercian nobleman and the son of Ceolwulf II. His father reigned as King of Mercia following the deposition of Burgred by Ivarr the Boneless and Ubba Ragnarsson in 873.


Tutelege under Ivarr the Boneless[]

Eivor: "When the march begins, find an empty tent and stay there."
Ceolbert: "Do not think me a coward. I'm not afraid of war. I do not want to kill my friends."
—Ceolbert to Eivor before the Assault on Tamworth Fortress, 873.[src]-[m]

Ceolbert was born as the son of Ceolwulf,[2] originally a thegn in the court of King Burgred of Mercia. When Norse Vikings invaded England beginning in the early 860s, Mercia was one of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms that fought against the Viking rule. When it became apparent that Mercia was struggling in a losing war against the Vikings, known as the Great Heathen Army, Ceolbert's father was one of those who decided defect from King Burgred's side to ensure his survival. Ceolwulf allied himself with the Sons of Ragnar, Ivarr and Ubba Ragnarsson, concocting a plan to overthrow Burgred and install himself as King as a vassal of the Vikings.[3] Grooming Ceolbert to one day succeed him as the next king, Ceolwulf assigned him to learn under Ivarr, and in 873, sent him to Repton with the Ragnarssons to ensure his loyalty. Over time, Ceolbert considered Ivarr a father-figure and erstwhile mentor.[1]

ACV The Sons of Ragnar 18

Ceolbert speaking to Eivor and Sigurd before the siege of Tamworth

When the Sons of Ragnar marched to the Mercian capital of Tamworth to confront Burgred, Ceolbert joined them with the addition of Sigurd Styrbjornsson and Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan. Along the way, Ceolbert conversed with the two, seeking to gain their friendship and wisdom. Ceolbert was next present when the Vikings stormed the fortress after King Burgred and his loyal thegn Leofrith refused to surrender. However, they failed to despose of Burgred who had escaped in the midst of the fighting.[1]

Search for Burgred and siege of Repton[]

Eivor: "You are Ivarr's scout..."
Ceolbert: "I hoped I might find Burgred myself, and talk him into surrendering. But he's not in Ledecestre."
Eivor: "How can you be sure?"
Ceolbert: "Leofrith passed this way with some men. I eavesdropped. It seems they're only stockpiling food here. But he did say something of interest... gave orders to send more men to Burgred's wife, the Lady Æthelswith. She's in Templebrough."
—Ceolbert after being discovered by Eivor in the bathouse, 873.[src]-[m]
ACV Rumors of Ledecestre 4

Ceolbert discovered by Eivor in the bathhouse

Some time later, after the town of Ledecestre was noted to be a possible hiding location of Burgred, Ceolbert volunteered himself to accompany Ivarr to the town, hoping to find the king and convince him to surrender through peaceful means. Searching the temple and the bathhouse, he instead found Leofrith at the town and eavesdropped on a conversation between him and the soldiers, learning that Burgred's wife Queen Æthelswith was hiding at the Templebrough Fort. While hiding inside a room in the bathhouse, Ceolbert was soon found by Eivor, who came investigating after he failed to return to Ivarr. As Ceolbert reported his findings to Eivor, he was escorted by Eivor to the town market. Along the way, they encountered fighting as Ivarr and his men took matters in their own hands and attacked the town. After the Saxons had been defeated, Ceolbert was requested by Eivor to return to Repton and remain there until he was called for fear for his safety.[4]

ACV Heavy is the Head 16

Ceolbert found by Eivor during his confrontation with Leofrith

Ceolbert followed Eivor's request and remained in Repton as the Vikings continued to search for Burgred. When Burgred was finally found, and Ceolbert was summoned to Tamworth to attend his father's coronation as king, Repton came under attack by Leofrith, who gathered the remaining Mercian army to take the town. Ceolbert tried his best to survive the fighting and was later confronted by Leofrith on a small islet off the coast of the town. As he pointed his longsword to defend himself against the thegn, the two were interrupted by the arrival with Eivor. Ceolbert stood by and watched as Eivor fought against and defeated Leofrith in battle. With Leofrith's loss and the defeat of the Mercians, Ceolbert followed Eivor as she escorted him back to Repton, meeting with Ivarr and Ubba.[5]

The group were soon joined by Ceolwulf and Sigurd, the former checking on Ceolbert's wellbeing and status. Given Mercia's current instability, Ceolwulf requested that Ceolbert be sent away and asked that Sigurd take the young lord with him amongst his clan. With Sigurd departing to Oxenefordscire to forge a new alliance, Ceolbert was escorted by the jarl to the far end of the Nene River, where Ceolbert found his way to Sigurd's clan settlement of Ravensthorpe.[5] There, Ceolbert met Randvi, the wife of Sigurd and the clan's chief advisor, and two bonded for a period of time, with Ceolbert assisting Randvi with updating the map of England, as the clan's possession of the map was old.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Ceolbert is a character in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. He is voiced by actor Luke Taylor.

In the memory The Sons of Ragnar, Ceolbert noted himself to be six years younger than King Harald Fairhair of Norway. Given Harald putatively noted to be born around 850, Ceolbert would likely have been born around 856.

If players started the free Oskoreia Season event before completing the memory "Bloody Path to Peace", they can find Ceolbert's name and a one-line memorial carved into the decorated longship in Ravensthorpe commemorating the deceased, as his death in unavoidable in the main storyline.




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