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"Give it time, little lord."
―Randvi's advice to Ceolbert[src]-[m]

Ceolbert (died 873) was a Mercian nobleman and the son of Ceolwulf II. His father reigned as King of Mercia following the deposition of Burgred by Ivarr the Boneless and Ubba Ragnarsson in 873.


Born some time in the late 9th century, Ceolbert was destined to be the ealdorman of Mercia, succeeding his father.[1] Ceolbert joined Ivarr and Eivor Varinsdottir in Ledecestreshire and Sciropescire as they worked to depose King Burgred, who had constantly provoked the Viking army which surrounded his forces. After a peace had been signed between the Vikings and the forces of Welsh king Rhodri the Great, Ceolbert was suddenly found dead in a cave, stabbed through the heart by a dagger with a Briton inscription, which implied that Rhodri was personally responsible.[2] His death was exploited to inspire a siege of Rhodri's castle, though Eivor shortly later learned that Ceolbert had been murdered by his former father-figure and erstwhile mentor, Ivarr.[3] After finding out Ivarr was the murderer, Eivor fought and killed Ivarr, and then decided his fate to Valhalla.

Behind the scenes

Ceolbert is a character in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. He is voiced by actor Luke T. Taylor.

If players started the free Oskoreia Season event before completing the memory "Bloody Path to Peace", they can find Ceolbert's name and a one-line memorial carved into the decorated longship in Ravensthorpe commemorating the deceased, as his death in unavoidable in the main storyline.



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