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"The Cento Occhi: Cesare's bootlickers."
―La Volpe, professing his opinion of the group.[src]

The Cento Occhi (English: Hundred Eyes) were an organized group of thieves and bandits operating in the streets of Rome during the early 16th century. Employed by Cesare Borgia to enforce his will across the city, the Cento Occhi was principally led by Lanz.


Serving the Borgia

Cento Occhi: "Are you here for the whore?"
Ezio: "I have your money. Let her go."
Cento Occhi: "No, take it up with Cesare."
—A Cento Occhi member, just before killing his hostage.[src]

The Cento Occhi commonly preyed upon civilians, in the poorer districts of Rome, however, at one point, they raided a Borgia carriage. Lanz, who had led the attack, was approached by Fiora Cavazza, who had come on behalf of Cesare Borgia to enlist the thief gang.[1]

Though Lanz ignored her at first, Fiora threw a familiar dagger at his feet–his shiv–which led him to realize that she knew he had been responsible for the carriage's assault. Fearing the Borgia, he offered to return the money, but he and his gang were instead enlisted into their service.[1]

Similar to the Followers of Romulus, the Borgia used the Cento Occhi to terrorize the citizens of Rome, keeping them under control. The gang also delivered several payments and important documents for the Borgia.[1][2]

A Cento Occhi thief killing madonna Solari

On one occasion, they kidnapped the Madame of the Rosa in Fiore, Madonna Solari. Upon talking to the courtesans, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze decided to aid them and rescue their Madame.[2]

After securing the ransom and rendezvousing with the "slave traders", Ezio offered them the payment. However, as they recognized Ezio to be an Assassin, the thieves killed Madonna Solari, and attacked him instead.[2]


"We have an unspoken agreement with the poor in Roma. We do not steal from them and in turn they do not see us. But the Cento Occhi prey upon these people... If they were to disappear, no one would miss them."
―One of La Volpe's thieves.[src]

Ezio beating up a Cento Occhi thief

The Cento Occhi closely rivaled the thieves of La Volpe's own guild. Between 1500 and 1503, La Volpe's guild also received help from Ezio, who aided them in several encounters against the Cento Occhi.[2]

Aside from fighting alongside La Volpe's thieves in brawls with the Cento Occhi, Ezio also worked to sabotage their relationship with the Borgia. He stole important Borgia documents from them, and even framed one Cento Occhi thief, Vincenzo, for killing one of the local guards, Galvano.[2]

Finally, in 1503, Ezio pursued the leaders of the guild in order to root them out. He killed Lanz on the rooftops of Rome's Centro District, and systematically wiped out several of the gang's other leaders as they trained on horseback at the Circo Massimo.[2] This marked the end of Cento Occhi influence in Rome.

Behind the scenes

The Cento Occhi fight and are armed like Agile guards.

Throughout Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, the Cento Occhi attacked randomly at night, more frequently ambushing Ezio in areas still under the influence of the Borgia, and near Borgia Towers. However, upon finishing the memory "A Blanket Finish", the Cento Occhi left Ezio alone.

Despite also being allied with the Borgia, guards attacked Cento Occhi members on sight. The Cento Occhi members were able to easily overpower Borgia soldiers, including their captains.

In certain thief missions involving the Cento Occhi, some of them wielded swords instead of daggers.

After any bandit attack, or completion of any mission involving the Cento Occhi, various rare trade objects and supplies were found on their corpses occasionally.

Assassin apprentices required only one shot with the Hidden Gun to kill a Cento Occhi bandit, whereas a regular guard required three shots to be killed.