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Cem (Turkish: Cem Sultan; Ottoman Turkish: Cement sulțān; 1459 – 1495) was a pretender to the Ottoman throne during the late 15th century. The third son of Sultan Mehmed II and the younger brother of Bayezid II, Cem was secretly a member of the Templar Order.

After his failure to secure the position of sultan, Cem stole his father's Apple of Eden, but was unable to make use of its powers. He subsequently hid the artifact in the Templar Archive on Cyprus before being placed under house arrest in Italy by his brother. There, he became acquainted with Rodrigo Borgia, as well as Andreas and Manuel Palaiologos, all of whom were also Templars.

Upon learning the Apple's location from him, the Borgia abandoned Cem and he spent the following years in various prisons across Europe. He was eventually killed by the Assassins in 1495.


Acquiring the Apple[]

As a young man, Cem learned that Sultan Mehmed II, his father, possessed an Apple of Eden and had used it to conquer Constantinople. After failing to procure the throne of the Ottoman Empire following his father's death in 1481, he took the Apple and looked to it for aid. The Apple, however, did not listen to Cem, nor would it 'speak' to him.[1]

Because of this, Cem decided that the Apple should be passed on to the Templars in the West, to men who had done more research into the artifact's power. However, Cem was fearful that after accepting the Apple, the Borgia would shun him, due to him being a more recent convert to the Order. He therefore decided to hide the Apple, until he could win the Borgia's trust.[1]

Before going to Rhodes to meet with the Templars, Cem hid the Apple in the Templar Archive on Cyprus, and upon arriving in Rhodes, the Hospitaliers arrested Cem and took him before their "Masters in Europe."[1]

House arrest[]

After his brother Bayezid became Sultan, Cem was placed under house arrest in Italy, where he became acquainted with Rodrigo Borgia, the Grand Master of the Roman Rite. During these years of imprisonment, Cem wrote to his nephew Ahmet, teaching him, guiding him and shaping the way he thought and acted. It was through these letters that Ahmet learned of the memoirs of Niccolò Polo and the secrets that they contained. Through Cem's directions, Ahmet found the memoirs and learned of the secret library built by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad in Masyaf.[1]

Knowing that Cem alone knew the whereabouts of the Apple, the Borgia spent many years persuading and appealing to Cem's better nature, eventually managing to draw the Apple's location from their prisoner. After securing the location of the Apple, Cem was of no more importance to the Borgia, and so they left him.[1]

Later life and death[]

Cem spent another nine years in various prisons across Europe, before eventually being slain by the Assassins in Capua, as they believed that the Borgia were planning to use Cem to conquer Constantinople. However, despite this, the Templars in the Ottoman Empire were unaware of the Assassins' involvement in Cem's death.[1]


  • Ahmet told the Templar Hasan Pasha through a letter that it was Cem who began the project to use the vast knowledge in the library of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad to bring peace – through uniting the East and the West into one Empire – and move as one body with one head.[1]
  • Cem is a Turkish name meaning "ruler".